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Top 10 Shakira Songs

Colombian superstar Shakira is one of the most popular and prolific female artists of all time, having sold over 50 million albums worldwide. She is also one of the few Latin artists to have successfully crossed over into the mainstream English-language market. After grabbing the world's attention with 'Donde Estan Los Ladrones' in 1998 and 'MTV Unplugged' in 2000, she released 'Laundry Service' in 2001 which went on to become the biggest selling album of her career. After watching her videos -- some of which have been parodied on MadTV -- one can see why Shakira is as well known for her hip gyrations as she is for her music. Check out the Top 10 Shakira Songs as chosen by AOL Radio listeners.
'Objection (Tango)'
Although this Shakira song was not a big hit on the radio, the video was a smash on MTV's Total Request Live countdown show. It featured a cameo appearance by porn star Tabitha Taylor and an unforgettable animated sequence in which Shakira deflates Taylor's chest. The song is from the 2001 'Laundry Service' album.
Shakira Objection Tengo
Hay Amores'
'Hay Amores' was one of three Shakira songs on the 2008 movie soundtrack, 'Love in the Time of Cholera.' The film was based on the famous novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and starred Javier Bardem in one of his first lead roles.
Shakira Hay Amores
'Las De La Intuicion'
'Las De La Intuicion' (The Intuitive Ones in English) was from Shakira's 'Fijacion Oral Vol. 1' which won the Grammy award for Best Latin Rock/Alternative album and the Latin Grammy award for Album of the Year in 2006. An English version of the song was recorded in Europe but did not make it onto the album.
Shakira Las De La Intuicion
'Suerte (Whenever, Wherever)'
The lead single from Shakira's first English language album 'Laundry Service' topped the charts in 29 countries. The video won the 2002 Latin Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video and was parodied on MadTV as 'Whatever, Don't Matter,' for its silly lyrics. Something was definitely lost in translation.
Shakira Suerte Whenever Wherever
'Hips Don't Lie'
'Hips Don't Lie,' a duet with Wyclef Jean, became the most successful single of both Shakira and Jean's careers. It also came in first place on AOL's list of Top 100 videos from 2006 and won the People's Choice award for Favorite Pop Song and the MTV Video Music award for Best Choreography.
Shakira Hips Dont Lie
The second single from 2005's 'Fijacion Oral Vol. 1' featured Argentine rocker Gustavo Cerati. Even though it wasn't a big radio hit in the US, it did sell over 100,000 downloads and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.
Shakira no
'Ciega, sordomuda'
'Ciega, sordomuda' (Blind, deaf-mute in English) was the first single from Shakira's 1998 album 'Donde Estan Los Ladrones?' (Where are the thieves? in English). The album title refers to a stolen luggage incident at the airport in which she lost all of the song lyrics that she had been working on. The song became her first No. 1 record on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart and the album was nominated for a Grammy award in the Best Latin Album category.
Shakira Ciega Sordomuda
'Loba (She-wolf)'
The title track from her latest album 'She-Wolf' is an electro-pop song that has Shakira once again swinging her hips suggestively (this time inside a cage) in the accompanying video. The Neptunes, Wyclef Jean and Timbaland all produced songs on the album.
Shakira Loba She Wolf
'Lo Hecho Esta Hecho (Did It Again)'
This Shakira song was released as the second single from the 'She-Wolf' album in Europe and Latin America. The English-language version features vocals by rapper Kid Cudi. In the U.S. and Canada, the Timbaland produced track 'Give It Up to Me' became the second single, and it includes vocals by Lil Wayne.
Shakira Did it Again Lo Hecho Esta Hecho
'La Tortura'
'La Tortura' (The Torture in English), a duet with Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz, was the first single from 2005's 'Fijacion Oral Vol. 1' album. It won two Latin Grammy awards for Song of the Year and Record of the Year. The video became the first Spanish-language music video to be nominated at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2005.
Shakira La Tortura

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