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Owl City's Adam Young Shares His Top 10 Songs

Owl City's Adam Young
Adam Young, project-creator of Owl City, is this week's guest blogger for AOL Radio. Just a year into the Owl City project, the Minnesota native has earned two chart-topping singles off his debut album 'Ocean Eyes': 'Fireflies' and 'Vanilla Twilight.' With a finished sold-out 2009 headlining tour and now starting a 2010 tour (including live debuts in Asia, Europe and Australia), it's clear Young has managed to find his worldwide, yet niche audience -- interested in ambient techno and mainstream pop alike. And his list of favorite songs represents nothing different. Ranging from experimental downtempo to mainstream alternative, here are Young's current Top 10 Songs.
'Water from the Same Source'

I attended a Rachel's show and was absolutely blown away. It was breathtaking. The band performed this song flawlessly and I left the venue totally speechless. It was the best show I've ever seen. Hands down.

Rachel's Systems Layers

I vow to never tour the Midwest again without this song playing as the bus rolls into Chicago. So appropriate.

Sufjan Stevens Illinoise
'Another Ballad for Heavy Lids'

Perfect for long, nighttime drives.

Stars Of The Lid And Their Refinement
'Field Trip'

Something about the way the chords work together and the melodies overlap gives this song such a majestic mood. It feels so innocent and pure and perfect. I'm crazy about it.

Finding Nemo Soundtrack
'Saints and Sailors'

An old favorite that brings back an endless amount of happy memories. I can't listen to it without a smile on my face.

Dashboard Confessional
'Fahrenheit Fair Enough'

This song makes me want to explore cities and stars and islands and oceans. It sparks my imagination and the wheels start turning.

Telefon Tel Aviv Fairenheit Fair Enough
'Dayvan Cowboy'

I love how I can listen, close my eyes and be completely swept away into the most vivid, brilliant daydreams imaginable. I could put my feet up on the coffee table and listen to this song on repeat all day.

Boards of Canada Campfire Headphase
'Halving the Compass'

A delicate piece of music drenched in molasses-sweet melody and soft shimmery atmosphere. Probably the most beautiful song I've ever laid ears on.

'Call to Arms'

There's something so powerful and magical about Tom's voice. The chorus in this song almost brings tears to my eyes.

Angels And Empires i Empire

How in the world can someone define their favorite song? 'Firecracker' is probably the one song I've liked for the longest period of time. I remember hearing it for the first time 10 years ago and I still listen to it constantly. It's absolutely brilliant.

Unwed Sailor Firecracker

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