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Top 10 Food Songs

For all of you foodies out there, be forewarned: this list of food songs is more than just songs with gourmet titles. Sure, all of the featured songs have an edible title, but these food songs aren't exclusive to Eric Clapton's addiction to chocolate and Jimmy Buffett's craving for a cheeseburger (although it still might stir your appetite). Most of the songs have metaphorical references, associating food with the nostalgic things in life. Covering the love ballad 'Banana Pancakes,' the sexual 'Custard Pie' and even the Beatles' childhood-referenced 'Strawberry Fields Forever,' here are our Top 10 Food Songs as rated by AOL listeners.
'Pork And Beans'
The music video debuted on YouTube, featuring many YouTube celebrities and memes. Released as a single in 2008, this food-titled song is a comical reference to popular culture. Lead singer and guitarist Rivers Cuomo was inspired to pen the song after music label executive told him to write more commercial material. The song helped the band revisit their traditional power pop sound and was the band's most successful single on the charts in over 16 years.
Weezer Pork and Beans
'Savoy Truffle'
Forrest Gump was right -- life is like a box of chocolates! George Harrison wrote this song --featured off "The White Album" -- about his buddy Eric Clapton's obsession with chocolate. And the lyrics and food song title came straight from a box of Mackintosh's Good News assortment of chocolate.
The Beatles White Album
'Cheeseburger in Paradise'
True story. While on a rough boat ride, Buffett was eating canned foods and peanut butter and dreamed of filling his tummy with a cheeseburger. When he arrived in "paradise" (a.k.a. the Caribbean), Buffett happily downed a burnt cheeseburger -- he was so happy that his dream came true.
'Brown Sugar'
Riff-driven with blues-rock, this infamous song isn't as sweet as the name 'Brown Sugar' implies. The lyrical-meanings draw from controversial subjects of interracial sex, slave rape, and oral sex. The lead single off 1971's 'Sticky Fingers,' the tune was also included in later compilation albums: 2004's 'Jump Back' and 2002's 'Forty Licks.'
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
'Banana Pancakes'
"Maybe we can sleep in / I'll make you banana pancakes / Pretend like it's the weekend now." Johnson played this song for his wife whenever she'd get distracted and he wanted her attention. He eventually wrote the song for production and recorded it for all his fans to hear. This is a silly love song that should be played, especially during breakfast time.
Jack Johnson In Between Dreams
'Cherry Pie'
'Cherry Pie' was written in just 15 minutes. The band members disliked like the song, despite the fact that the food-titled song made the band popular. Littered with sexual references, the song has similarities to Def Leppard's 'Pour Some Sugar on Me.'
Warrant Cherry Pie
It's assumed that this song also references sexual innuednos. However, lead singer Chris Ballew says the contrary, that the song is written for a girl he liked. He was sitting under a peach tree before he confessed his feelings to her. Fans liked the song regardless of its meaning -- it was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1996. While 'Peaches' was the most successful song in self-titled debut, 'Lump' was the band's favorite.
Presidents of the USA Peaches
'Custard Pie'
You foodies must be disappointed. This list is turning into a list of songs about sex, such as Zeppelin's 'Custard Pie': "Chewin' a piece of your custard pie.' For some reason, Zeppelin never played the song in its entirity during their 1975 US tour. The song is full of solos, specifically Jimmy Pages' whining electric guitar solo and Robert Plant's mouth harp solo.
'Strawberry Fields Forever'
'Strawberry Fields Forever' is part of John Lennon's nostalgic childhood. But the song isn't about edible, juicy strawberries; "Strawberry Fields" references a Salvation Army house right next to where Lennon grew up in Liverpool, England. In memory of Lennon and his penned tune, a Strawberry Fields memorial resides in Central Park in New York City, close to the Dakota residence where Lennon was murdered.
The Beatles
'Sweet Potato Pie'
Originally released on 1988's 'Never Die Young,' the tune is another representation of Taylor's melodic songwriting and acoustic guitar. In 2004, Taylor recorded a duet version of 'Sweet Potato Pie' with Ray Charles, the song choice requested by the late singer. The duet can be found on the Ray Charles album 'Genius Loves Company.'
James Taylor Never Die Young
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