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Final Fantasy 13 Soundtrack -- New Album

Final Fantasy 13 Soundtrack

'Final Fantasy 13' -- developed and published by Square Enix -- is dropping today, March 9, alongside the 'Final Fantasy 13' soundtrack. Critics are deeming the game favorable, mostly based on the combat sequences and visuals that encompass both the cityworld of Cocoon and the wilderness of Pulse.

But critics are also talking about the game's score, which boasts four discs (for only $29.99 in the U.S.) composed by Masashi Hamauzu -- whose previous work includes 'Final Fantasy X' with Nobuo Uematsu and 'Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII' with Ryo Yamazaki -- and features orchestral recordings by the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra helmed by Yoshihisa Hirano. The Japanese version of the game features J-Pop singer Sayuri Sugawara on the theme song 'Kimi ga Iru kara,' whereas the North American, Australian, and European versions of the game include British singer and 'X Factor' alum Leona Lewis singing 'My Hands' from her sophomore release 'Echo.' Square Enix even announced a vinyl limited edition (available only in Japan), which features eight highlighted tracks.

Check out the track listing below and tune into AOL Radio's Final Fantasy station to hear a selection of tracks from the game's score.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:

1.'Prelude to Final Fantasy XIII'
2. 'Final Fantasy XIII - The Promise'
3. 'The Thirteenth Day'
4. 'Defiers of Fate'
5. 'Saber's Edge'
6. 'The Hanging Edge'
7. 'Those For the Purge'
8. 'The Warpath Home'
9. 'The Pulse Fal'Cie'
10. 'Face It Later'
11. 'Snow's Theme'
12. 'The Vestige'
13. 'Ragnarok'
14. 'In the Sky That Night'
15. 'Promised Eternity'
16. 'Eternal Love (Short Version)'
17. 'Lake Bresha'
18. 'The Pulse L'Cie'
19. 'Eidolons'

Disc 2:

1. 'Blinded By Light'
2. 'Glory's Fanfare'
3. 'Battle Results'
4. 'A Brief Respite'
5. 'Cavalry Theme'
6. 'Escape'
7. 'Crash Landing'
8. 'Daddy's Got the Blues'
9. 'The Vile Peaks'
10. 'Lightning's Theme'
11. 'Sazh's Theme'
12. 'March of the Dreadnoughts'
13. 'The Gapra Whitewood'
14. 'Tension in the Air'
15. 'Forever Fugitives'
16. 'The Sunleth Waterscape'
17. 'Lost Hope'
18. 'To Hunt L'Cie'
19. 'No Way to Live'
20. 'Sustained by Hate'
21. 'The Pulse L'Cie'
22. 'Serah's Theme'

Disc 3:

1. 'Can't Catch A Break'
3. 'Hope's Theme'
4. 'This is Your Home'
5. 'Atonement'
6. 'Vanille's Theme'
7. 'The Final Stage'
8. 'The Pompa Sancta'
9. 'Nautilus'
10. 'Chocobos of Cocoon - Chasing Dreams'
11. 'Feast of Betrayal'
12. 'Eidolons on Parade'
13. 'Test of the L'Cie'
14. 'All the World Against Us'
15. 'Game Over'
16. 'Primarch Dysley'
17. 'Fighting Fate'
18. 'Separate Paths'
19. 'Setting You Free'
20. 'Desperate Struggle'
21. 'Mysteries Abound'
22. 'Will to Fight'

Disc 4:

1. 'Fang's Theme'
2. 'Terra Incognita'
3. 'The Archylte Steppe'
4. 'Chocobos of Pulse'
5. 'The Yaschas Massif'
6. 'Memories of Happier Days'
7. 'Sulyya Springs'
8. 'Taejin's Tower'
9. 'Dust to Dust'
10. 'The Road Home'
11. 'Start Your Engines'
12. 'Eden Under Siege'
13. 'The Cradle Will Fall'
14. 'Born Anew'
15. 'Sinful Hope'
16. 'Fabula Nova Crystallis'
17. 'FINAL FANTASY XIII - Miracles'
18. 'Focus'
19. 'Nascent Requiem'
20. 'Determination'
21. 'Kimi ga Iru kara (Long Version)'
22. 'Ending Credits'

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