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Justin Bieber 'My World 2.0' -- New Album

Justin Bieber My World 2.0

'My World 2.0' is Justin Bieber's encore to his studio debut album 'My World.' Released today, March 23, the album's formula is comprised of R&B beats and puppy love, specifically 'Baby' featuring Ludacris, 'Stuck in the Moment,' 'That Should Be Me,' 'Never Let You Go' and Motown-sounding 'U Smile' -- which was written specifically for his fans. (That's you!)

But his sophomore release also showcases pop-y and hip-hop fused tracks, such as the Sean Kingston-collaborated 'Eenie Meenie' with prominent synth back beats as well as the electronica-driven 'Somebody to Love' and 'Runaway Love.' 'Overboard' brings in newly signed 15 year-old Jessica Jarrell, who is releasing her first single in late April followed by her debut album dropping in June.

Bieber will be embarking on his My World tour starting June 23rd, which covers over 40 cities and features reggae singer/rapper Sean Kingston. Check out the entire tracklist below and go to AOL Radio's Kids Pop station to hear a selection of songs from his new album.


1. 'Baby' (featuring Ludacris)
2. 'Somebody to Love'
3. 'Stuck In the Moment'
4. 'U Smile'
5. 'Runaway Love'
6. 'Never Let You Go'
7. 'Overboard' (featuring Jessica Jarrell)
8. 'Eenie Meenie' (with Sean Kingston)
9. 'Up'
10. 'That Should Be Me'

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