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10 Best Lady GaGa YouTube Videos

To celebrate Lady GaGa being the first artist to have over 1 billion YouTube views, here's our 10 favorite Lady Gaga videos from YouTube. Some are her best videos, such as 'Bad Romance' and 'Poker Face,' among others; others show GaGa in rare form or are popular parodies -- even one that involves Christopher Walken. Check out all the videos below!

10) 'LoveGame'

Premiered Feb. 13, 2009 under the direction of Joseph Kahn, the '90s glam rock video -- pulling inspiration from Michael Jackson's 'Bad' -- has GaGa and clan rocking out in a subway station. Although not our top favorite of hers (hey, she's set the bar fairly high), the video does include body paint, glitter and the infamous "disco stick." 'Nuff said. This Lady GaGa video was even banned on MTV Arabia as well as some stations in Australia, due to "numerous sexual references both visually and lyrically."

9) Key of Awesome: Lady Gaga 'Telephone' Parody (Feat. Beyonce)

If you are reading this post -- you have most likely seen GaGa's newest video 'Telephone,' which debuted on March 11. Key of Awesome has done several GaGa parodies, as well as poking fun of Kesha and Justin Bieber, among others. But this is by far their best work, topping their rendition of 'Bad Romance.' A snippet of the lyrics: "So I will distract them by getting half naked / And throw everything at them but the kitchen sink sink / The kitchen sink sink / What do you think think? / I will prove that I don't have a penis wink wink."

8) Christopher Walken Performs 'Poker Face'

BBC1 invited Christopher Walken to do a reading of 'Poker Face' as a special Halloween treat. It's a whole minute of "Ohh! Ohh! I'll get him hot, show him what I've got." Jude Law's reading -- just weeks before on 'Late Night' with Jimmy Fallon -- was no less than brilliant either.

7) Eric Cartman: 'Poker Face'

Yet another parody of 'Poker Face,' Cartman's cover was featured in Southpark's episode 'Whale Whores,' where Stan tries to get his friends to help fight the cause against Japanese whaling. "I don't give a s--- about whales so go and hug a tree," sings Cartman in his rendition of 'Poker Face' -- who would clearly rather play 'Rock Band' alongside his "band members" Kyle and Kenny. Cartman's track -- sung by Trey Parker -- became available for purchase (on 'Rock Band') March 16, as well as four of GaGa's tracks: 'Monster,' 'Just Dance,' 'Bad Romance' and of course, 'Poker Face.'

6) 'Just Dance'

Although GaGa sings about being wasted at a club, the music video takes place at a house party, where GaGa and her two dancers successfully revive the party. Directed by Melina Matsoukas, GaGa wears a David Bowie-Esq lightning-bolt beneath her eye and even rides an inflatable dolphin in a kiddie pool. Featured artist Colby O'Donis makes a cameo as well.

5) GaGa before GaGa, Performing at Ultraviolet Live

Before there was GaGa, there was Stefani Germanotta, an NYU student trying to make it big. Here she is in rare form -- without the bombshell, glitter, funky costumes and shoes -- performing at Ultraviolet Live, NYU's annual talent show. Coming in third place, GaGa performed two original pieces: 'Captivated,' and 'Electric Kiss,' the former a vocal rendition of Norah Jones. Just beautiful.

4) 'Telephone' Feat. Beyonce

Directed by Jonas Akerlund, the nine-and-a-half minute Lady GaGa video picks up where the storyline of the 'Paparazzi' video left off -- GaGa behind bars. Beyonce and GaGa's notable dance moves and expected off-the-wall outfits are both included in the video, which references blockbuster flicks 'Kill Bill' and 'Thelma and Louse' and features a cameo by Tyrse Gibson.

3) 'Poker Face'

Wearing metallic, black leather and a masquerade mask, GaGa is accompanied by a strip poker game, a mansion party and two Great Danes, all the while lyrically denoting a darker meaning sex and bisexuality. The music video -- directed by Ray Kayshiny -- won the Best International Artist Video at the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards.

2) 'Paparazzi'

Jonas Åkerlund directed both this and 'Telephone,' as well as music videos for U2, The Smashing Pumpkins, Madonna, and Moby. The eight-minute video depicts GaGa as a celebrity who struggles with the love for fame and the love for the camera. Undeniably one of her best videos, the "short film" won two VMAs for Best Art Direction and Best Special Effects awards in 2009.

1) 'Bad Romance'

Wearing a white latex suits (to match Max's wolf costume in 'Where the Wild Things Are'), Alexander McQueen 12-inch shoes and a diamond-covered outfit, among other things, GaGa is kidnapped, drugged, and sold off to the Russian Mafia. One of the most viewed videos on YouTube, 'Bad Romance' has 23,097,259 and counting...

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