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Kesha 'Your Love Is My Drug' -- New Song

Kesha Your Love Is My Drug

'Your Love Is My Drug' is Kesha's third single and first track off her January debut, 'Animal.' The bubblegum track fused with '80s glam rock opens with the delusional line: "Maybe I need some rehab / Or maybe just need some sleep / I've got a sick obsession, I'm seeing it in my dreams." The song -- with a modern Cyndi Lauper-inspired chorus -- has a playful take on a teen love obsession, with Kesha's signature auto-tuned vocals and casual chatty ad-libs, notably the last line: 'Your love is my drug...I like your beard.'

'Animal' was helmed by music producer Dr. Luke, who had previously worked with Britney Spears. Go to AOL Radio's Fresh 40 station, to hear the new track.

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