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The Temptations 'Still Here' -- New Album

The Temptations Still Here

The Temptations, who have maintained a successful recording career for almost 50 years, are releasing their 49th album, 'Still Here,' in stores May 4. Their notable five-part harmonies are instilled in their upcoming album, but with R&B contemporary touches -- thanks to current members Ron Tyson (first tenor and lead), Terry Weeks (baritone, second tenor, first tenor and lead), Bruce Williamson (sings lead, baritone and second tenor), Joe Herndon (bass) and only original member Otis Williams.

Executive produced by Williams and released on the Temptations own label 10:30 International, the politically-driven and soul record features tracks such as 'Listen Up,' pulling inspiration from their 1970's psychedelic soul 'Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today)' and 'Shawtyismygirlooyeah,' a modern, R&B take of the classic ballad and signature song 'My Girl.' Other notable songs are the soul-funk 'Soul Music' with prominent bass vocals and 'Change Has Come,' which features a rap interlude and a string-driven melody similar sounding to a Black Eyed Peas hit. Lead by Bruce Williamson, the track is a tribute to the successful election of President Barack Obama.

The quintet just finished their UK leg and are now embarking on their North American tour, which runs through November. 'Still Here' is a followup to 2007's 'Back to Front,' which reached the R&B Top 20 Billboard charts. Check out the tracklisting below and tune into AOL Radio's New R&B First station to hear a selection of songs from their forthcoming release.


1. 'Still Here' (Prelude)
2. 'Change Has Come'
3. 'One of a Kind Lady'
4. 'Let Me Catch Your Diamonds'
5. 'Hold Me'
6. 'Warm Summer Nights'
7. 'First Kiss'
8. 'Shawtyismygirlooyeah'
9. 'Still Here With Me'
10. 'Soul Music'
11. 'Woman'
12. 'Listen Up'
13. 'Going Back Home'
14. 'Still Here' (Reprise)

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