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'Gatorade Has Evolved' Commercial -- What's the Song?

David Banner Gatorade's latest commercial for their new G Series of products features popular rapper and producer David Banner collaborating with vocalist Kermit Quinn on the theme song 'Evolve,' which was written specifically for this commercial.

The commercial starts with grainy black & white footage of wooden tennis rackets, peach baskets and other outdated examples of how sports used to be played. Quinn's voice bursts onto the track singing "if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve" as popular athletes such as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Peyton Manning are shown in action. Gatorade then promises to take athletes to the next level with the new three-part G Series, which adds drinks specially made for pre- and post-workout use to Gatorade's existing product line.

The song is not available commercially (yet) and Quinn and Banner are currently not collaborating on any other projects. But you can catch Kermit Quinn occasionally performing in concert with Teddy Riley's newly re-formed BLACKstreet (of 'No Diggity' fame). David Banner's most recent album was 2008's top-ten hit 'The Greatest Story Ever Told,' which featured contributions from Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Snoop Dogg. He also wrote the theme for the popular video game 'Saints Row,' and appeared in several movies, including 'Black Snake Moan.' Banner is reportedly working on a new collaboration with fellow rap producer 9th Wonder, due to be released later in 2010 and titled 'Death of a Popstar.'

Check out the commercial below!

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