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The Ultimate Hair Metal Playlist

Feeling the urge to pull out the spandex and aquanet to rock out to your favorite classic hair metal songs? Enter the ultimate hair metal playlist. We'll make it easy for you to blast back to Sunset Strip with 25 glam metal classics hand-picked by the music experts at AOL Radio.

The songs were ordered in a way to make the perfect mixtape, and we only picked one song per artist for maximum variety!
'Welcome to the Jungle'
An amazingly appropriate title when you think of all the craziness associated with Axl since this came out.
Guns N Roses Welcome To The Jungle
'Cum on Feel the Noize'
Kevin DuBrow & company rode this supercharged cover of Slade's party anthem to the top of the charts.
Quiet Riot Cum On Feel The Noize
'Nothin' but a Good Time'
Write enough catchy rock anthems and eventually they'll have to respect you, no matter how weirdly you dress.
Poison Nothin But A Good Time
'Don't Treat Me Bad'
Try as you might, you won't stop singing along to this pop metal guilty pleasure.
Firehouse Don't Treat Me Bad
'Cold Blood'
If you want no-nonsense, black and white label hard rock music, you can't go wrong with Kix. This uptempo, AC/DC-styled riff rocker was one of their biggest hits.
Kix Cold Blooded
'Lick It Up'
The masked marvels drop the makeup and start their second decade with one of their catchiest songs ever.
Kiss Lick It Up
'The Ballad of Jayne'
This haunting tune shows how easily L.A. Guns, and not Guns N Roses, could have been the Sunset Strip kings.
L.A. Guns The Ballad Of Jayne
'Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)'
Cinderella stops rocking, briefly, with this surprisingly touching hair metal ballad about what's important in life.
Cinderella Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone
'In My Dreams'
I'm determined to get the phrase "Rockin' with Dokken" into this blurb. Oh, I did it! And look how smoothly..
Dokken In My Dreams
'House of Pain'
Named after Russ Meyer's camp-classic film, Faster Pussycat shows depth with this song about domestic abuse.
Faster Pussycat House Of Pain
'Love Song'
Tesla stood apart as an image-free band in the glam era, earning lots of fans purely on merit and musicality.
Tesla Love Song
'I'll Never Let You Go'
The video for this song is the best example ever of a romance novel cover coming to life for four full minutes.
Steelheart I'll Never Let You Go
'Livin' on a Prayer'
This song is perfectly placed on this list. Why? 'Cause "Whoooooooaaaaaah, we're halfway there!..."
Bon Jovi Livin On a Prayer
'Screaming in the Night'
Krokus has represented Switzerland proudly in the metal world for decades. Even if they are named after a flower.
Krokus Screaming in the Night
'Pour Some Sugar on Me'
Reportedly, this was the hair metal song most often played at strip clubs during the nineties. According to, uh...a friend.
Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me
'Rainbow in the Dark'
Who says keyboards can't be evil? Not Ronnie James Dio, acknowledged inventor of the famous devil-horn salute!
Dio Rainbow In The Dark
'Smooth Up In Ya'
This bass heavy groove-rocker from the late eighties just popped up in the hit comedy 'Hot Tub Time Machine.'
Bulletboys Smooth Up In Ya
'Round and Round'
The song that started it all for the recently reunited Los Angeles hard rockers. Catch them on tour this summer!
Ratt Round and Round
Beavis & Butthead mocked Winger relentlessly. They should make an exception for this ridiculously rocking hair metal song.
Winger Seventeen
'Fly to the Angels'
Slaughter started as a backing band, fired the boss (Kiss's Vinnie Vincent) and became big stars themselves.
Slaughter Fly To The Angels
'Turn Up the Radio'
Simplicity isn't usually as easy as Autograph makes it sound on this pop-metal call to action from 1984.
Autograph Turn Up The Radio
'Still of the Night'
Yeah, it's a Zeppelin knock-off. It's a darn good one; you gonna stand on principles or rock the ____ out?
Whitesnake Still Of The Night
'We're Not Gonna Take It'
Like a cross between James Dean and Kiss, Dee Snider and Company don makeup and rebel against whatever you got.
Twisted Sister We're Not Gonna Take It
'Youth Gone Wild'
Bon Jovi's proteges proved themselves to have a nastier streak than their mentors with this rebellious hair metal anthem.
Skid Row Youth Gone Wild
'Kickstart My Heart'
This track is probably responsible for more speeding tickets than any song this side of 'I Can't Drive 55.'
Motley Crue Kickstart My Heart

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