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10 Best Eagles Songs

The best Eagles songs might be easier to figure out than most 'Best Songs' lists. With five number one albums, six Grammy Awards and over 120 million albums sold worldwide, there are plenty to choose from. In fact, The Eagles are still the only recording artists in history to have three albums sell more than ten million units. So keep your lighters in the air, as we present the 10 Best Eagles Songs.
'Take It Easy'
A tip of the hat to Arizona and their loyal Eagles fanbase, the second verse of 'Take It Easy' is set in the city of Winslow, Arizona. And as a reciprocal homage to the song, Winslow built a life-size statue of a man leaning against a lamppost holding a guitar, under a sign that reads, 'Standin' on the corner.' Winslow is, no doubt, serious about their Eagles love.
The Eagles Take It Easy
'Peaceful Easy Feeling'
Penned by the band's friend Jack Tempchin, this Eagles song -- as well as the rest of the tracks on the band's eponymous debut album -- was recorded in London, to minimize distractions and enhance a more "peaceful" environment. Guess it worked.
The Eagles Peaceful Easy Feeling
'I Can't Tell You Why'
Featured on the their 1979 album, 'The Long Run,' 'I Can't Tell You Why' was the first Eagles song to feature Timothy B. Schmit (bass guitar) on lead vocals. Comedian Will Ferrell famously attempted (and failed) to perform this song as the character Corbit in the 2005 American drama film, 'Winter Passing.'
Eagles I Can't Tell You Why
'Best of My Love'
So you call yourself a diehard Eagles fan? Then you know the shorter, single version of 'Best of My Love' features minor edits throughout. Less than trained ears can hear a sloppy and abrupt cut of the final "Here in my heart, I give you the best of my love." Sad but true, despite hitting No. 1, the single version is not available in any CD format.
Eagles Best of My Love
'One of These Nights'
The Eagles released this B.B. King and Al Green inspired album -- their fourth -- in 1975, and the title track became the group's second No. 1 single in July of that year. While also winning album of the year, 'One of These Nights' is the last Eagles album to feature Bernie Leadon, who was replaced by Joe Walsh.
Eagles One of these Nights
'Lyin' Eyes'
As the story goes, while struggling in 1975 Los Angeles, the Eagles went out drinking and wrote 'Lyin' Eyes' on cocktail napkins after their many observations of young, beautiful women tied around the arms of old, overweight men. The song's title arose when one of the band members joked about an affair scenario based off one of the women, stating, 'Look at her, she can't even hide those lyin' eyes!'
Eagles Lyin Eyes
'Take it to the Limit'
Because it's not a band until someone gets into a fight, according to the Eagles biography, 'To the Limit: The Untold Story of the Eagles,' this song was a source of great conflict between Glenn Frey and Randy Meisner. During one of the last performances with Meisner as a member of the band, Frey reportedly had a physical altercation with him backstage over the performance of the song.
The Eagles Take it to the Limit
'Life in the Fast Lane'
Glenn Frey once said that this title came to him as he was riding on the freeway with a drug dealer known as "The Count." Apparently Frey asked him to slow down and the Count responded, "What do you mean? It's life in the fast lane!"
The Eagles Life in the Fast Line
Henley began writing parts of this in the late '60s, but it wasn't until Frey came along that it was completed. Although 'Desperado' is one of the Eagles signature songs, it was never released as a single. However, due to its' success, the song was later voted No. 494 in the 'Rolling Stone''s '500 Greatest Songs of All Time.'
The Eagles Desperado
'Hotel California'
Was there any doubt? Three months after it topped the Billboard charts in May of 1977, the single went gold. 'Hotel California' is also on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 'Songs that shaped Rock and Roll' and its guitar solo has been ranked among the 'Top 100 Guitar Solos.' No wonder this is our favorite Eagles song.
The Eagles Hotel California

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