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10 Best Slipknot Songs

On the exterior, the best Slipknot songs may seem like nothing more than mere shock rock. But as millions of fans will tell you, there's an awful lot of innovation, melody, and yes, meaning behind the horror movie masks worn by the metal pioneers. Blending thrash metal guitar runs with percussion-heavy rhythms, here are the 10 Best Slipknot Songs as rated by AOL Radio Listeners.
'The Nameless'
Many fans wondered if there would even be a third Slipknot album after several of the band members spent 2002 and 2003 working on various solo projects, most notably lead singer Corey Taylor's successful Stone Sour band. Happily for them, not only did 'Vol.3: (The Subliminal Verses)' show up in 2004, it contained four of the ten best Slipknot songs ever, including 'The Nameless.'
slipknot the nameless
'Left Behind'
After two years touring and honing their strengths in support of their successful debut album, Slipknot was ready to make a more serious musical statement. Tracks like 'Left Behind' show why many fans and critics consider 2001's 'Iowa' to be both the band's most technically intricate and heaviest album to date.
Slipknot Left Behind
'Sulfur' is one of the most direct, almost conventional songs in Slipknot's arsenal, and definitely a good starting point for anyone more comfortable with traditional heavy metal.
Slipknot Sulfur
The goth-influenced second single from 2004's 'Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)' is clearly very important to the band. Not only do they switch to special "death masks" when performing it live, they also recorded an acoustic companion piece, 'Vermilion, Pt. 2,' that shows up a few tracks later on the same album.
Slipknot Vermilion
'Dead Memories'
One of the catchiest and most accessible Slipknot songs from 2008's 'All Hope Is Gone,' 'Dead Memories' received the full-on Michael Jackson video treatment, conceived by percussionist Shawn Crahan and frontman Corey Taylor. In the video, Taylor digs, crawls, and falls through an underground house, encountering each of his bandmates in the midst of a different, surreal scenario before emerging back on the surface.
Slipknot Dead Memories
Slipknot took some flak from their hardcore fans for including this thoughtful power ballad on 2008's 'All Hope Is Gone.' However, when the song was released as a single, it became their biggest hit to date, and according to this list, lead singer Corey Taylor may have been correct in predicting it would eventually be considered one of the best Slipknot songs by many fans.
SLipknot Snuff
For the recording of 2008's 'All Hope Is Gone' -- where this slightly slowed down stomper comes from -- Slipknot ditched the haunted house and big-name producer from their last album (see No. 3) and returned to their Iowa home, working as a team while writing each song. The result was their first-ever album to debut at the top of the pop charts.
Slipknot Psychosocial
'Before I Forget'
Despite being nominated a half-dozen times already, 'Before I Forget' was the first Slipknot song to earn them a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2006. This blistering track was recorded, like the rest of 2004's 'Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses),' at The Mansion, a reportedly haunted house converted to a recording studio by uber-producer Rick Rubin.
Slipknot Before I forget
'Duality' is another hit track off 2004's 'Vol. 3.' The song's music video is deemed by Roadrunner Records as the best video released by a band on their label. Featuring the masked 9 of Slipknot playing at a house party, the Tony Petrossian-directed video includes violence and well, insanity, as Slipknot fans rock out and ultimately destroy a fan's house.
Slipknot Duality
'Wait and Bleed'
This is the only track on our list from 1999's self-titled debut album, and Slipknot themselves have expressed some surprise that so many fans consider it one of the best Slipknot songs ever. Clearly fans have spoken both here and in other ways; 'Wait and Bleed' was chosen as one of VH1's "40 Greatest Metal Songs," spawned two different music videos, and is a staple of the band's dynamic live performances.
Sliplknot Wait and Bleed

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