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Breaking Benjamin, 'Lights Out' -- New Song

Breaking Benjamin Dear Agony'Lights Out' is the third single from Breaking Benjamin's recent album 'Dear Agony.' Distorted guitars and jackhammer drums push the song forward at a breakneck pace, while lead singer Benjamin Burley's voice shifts from an angelic state to an angry growl as he declares, "I thought you'd learn by now, it seems you haven't yet, I am the venom in your skin, and now your life is broken."

'Lights Out' follows two other singles from 'Dear Agony': 'Give Me a Sign' and 'I Will Not Bow,' which made AOL Radio's list of Top Rock Songs of 2009. The band is currently on tour with fellow hard rockers Nickelback and Shinedown. To hear Breaking Benjamin's new single, tune into AOL Radio's New Rock First station.

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