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Cartel's Will Pugh Lists His Favorite Summer Jams

Will Pugh Cartel
Cartel's vocalist Will Pugh is this week's guest blogger for AOL Radio, listing his favorite summer songs. The band is currently touring all over the U.S., supporting All Time Low and Boys Like Girls, among others. Pugh's list is filled with a variety of tracks that are guaranteed to get you into the summer mood!

These are my current "Summer Jams"....grab a coozie, some sunblock, and a brewski. Here we go... .
'Some Cities'
When I first heard of Doves, I was told that if I liked Coldplay then I would love this band. Terrible comparison. One of my favorite songs to have a cup of coffee and chill outside to start my day.
Doves Some Cities
'Almost the Same'
Brit-Pop is probably the top genre that I listen to, so Clearlake was a great addition to that list. This song feels old but sounds new. I know little about these guys -- except that I really dig their record(s). Also check out 'Wonder If The Snow Will Settle.'
Clearlake Almost The Same
'(Drawing) Rings Around the World'
Very unique sound here. Kind of like a throwback Beach Boys song if Brian Wilson didn't write it. The phones ringing in the background add a nice production trick that I really appreciate.
Super Furry Animals Rings Around The World
'I Understand It'
Not a typical Idlewild song, but just very well written. If your head doesn't start bobbing by the second chorus then I'll be a monkey's uncle. Maybe the joke's on me, but this one gets me going.
idlewild warnings promises
'Always: Your Way'
Get your rock fingers'll be drumming on the steering wheel in no time with this one. If you commute by other means then it should put some pep in your step. Go download their record 'Finelines' now.
My Vitriol finelines
'In Transit'
Party song. I want to be at a beach house drinking a "drank" with some buddies, bathing suits, food on the grill, and Wayfarers when I jam this guy. Great record too. A nice departure from The Strokes.
albert Hammond Jr. yours to keep
'Long Distance Call'
When the chorus hits with "It's Never Been Like That," you won't stop singing it for a couple days. That's a fact Jack. I've tried to quit singing it's almost like a personal challenge that I revisit from time to time. Let me know how it works out for you.
phoenix its never been like that
I was a latecomer to The Shins. Then again, most of you heard about them from 'Garden State.' Don't lie. Natalie Portman is quite convincing. When I heard this song follow-up 'Sleeping Lessons,' I was in love.
the shins wincing the night away
If you think these guys are well represented by 'Lovefool' then you've got another thing coming. Great production at the hands of Jon Brion and some of the best songwriters in the game. This song is for the morning after....
the cardigans gran turismo
'One Love'
Roll one up, torch it, and give your neighbor a hug. Stereotypical? Sure it is, but tell me I'm wrong after you turn this one on and everyone who hears it starts singing. "Let's get together and feel alright" indeed.
bob marley Exodus

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