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Top 100 Classic Rock Songs of All Time

Debating the top classic rock songs of all time is a sure-fire way to liven up any road trip or night out. There are countless worthy contenders, endless opinions and really, no wrong choices. Hundreds of thousands of AOL Radio listeners have rated songs on our Classic Rock station over the years. Based on this info, we present the Top 100 Classic Rock Songs of All Time.
Love Her Madly
Jim Morrison's fiery spirit mixes with a sense of world-weariness on this bluesy classic from their final album.
The Doors L.A. Woman
Money for Nothing
Do you think guest vocalist Sting, or anyone from his generation, still wants their MTV quite so badly?
Dire Straits Brothers In Arms
The Chain
You gotta love bands where it's much easier to talk about which members have NOT slept with each other. Yet.
Fleetwood Mac Rumours
Foreplay / Long Time
Who needs air guitar? The beginning of this classic rock track instantly turns any desk into an air Hammond Organ.
Boston Boston
Brown Sugar
If your young children ask, just tell them this song's lyrics are about baking cakes and pies, stuff like that.
The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
White Room
How many Cream fans over the years do you think have painted their rooms white and gotten black curtains?
Cream Disreali Gears
Down on the Corner
If the bass, cowbell and sing-along vocals here can't cheer you up, you must be having a real bad day.
Credence Clearwater Revival Down On The Corner
Brown Eyed Girl
With talent comes some crazy: Van Morrison told Time Magazine he's written 300 songs better than this one.
Van Morrison Blowin' Your Mind
Pinball Wizard
A rock opera about a deaf, dumb and blind kid who can play pinball? Great drugs back in those days, huh?
The Who Tommy
Run Like Hell
If you listen to music while jogging, this song's good for keeping you going after you hit your, yup, wall.
Pink Floyd The Wall
Dust in the Wind
Kansas may have written this song, but it now belongs to Will Ferrell, thanks to this scene from 'Old School.'
Kansas Leftoverture
Honky Tonk Women
"Hey, Keith, you wanna spend the holidays in Brazil and write a song about hookers?" "Sure thing, Mick!"
The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed
A tale of teens coming of age in the backseat of a '60 Chevy; is Seger besting Springsteen at his own game?
Bob Seger Night Moves
Young Lust
You think English chaps are so polite, so sophisticated, and then you hear these lyrics.. guess not!
Pink Floyd Young Lust
Go Your Own Way
One of many sunny-sounding, lyrically sad Fleetwood Mac songs. They're like the Beach Boys on downers.
Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way
Radar Love
If you're getting tired late at night on the highway, this classic rock song is good for another 10 miles, easily.
Golden Earring Moontan
Black Water
Very cool that this band could do traditional rock music and, later, the Michael McDonald-era soul style so well.
Doobie Brothers Black Water
D'Yer Mak'er
What's it been, forty years, and still nobody can make their drums sound as great as John Bonham does here?
Led Zeppelin House Of The Holy
Won't Get Fooled Again
It's true, The Who don't get fooled much, but even they didn't see the end of 'the Sixth Sense' coming.
The Who Who's Next
Just as someone at every U.S. rock show yells out for 'Free Bird,' in Finland, they call for 'Paranoid.'
Black Sabbath Paranoid

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