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Sean Kingston, 'Letting Go (Dutty Love)' Feat. Nicki Minaj -- New Song

Sean Kingston'Letting Go (Dutty Love)' is a new summer hit by reggae singer-rapper Sean Kingston. Rumored to be off his upcoming album, the track features synthesized dance floor beats and inter-spliced air horn effects, as well as the Young Money protege Nicki Minaj, who raps in the bridge.

With carefree "Dutty, dutty, dutty dum dum"s that mimic the melody's back beat, the song simply dabbles about new love, letting go of worries and just having fun, which is the exact sentiment one should have when approaching summer.

This song adds to Kingston's successful summer discography, notably singles 'Beautiful Girls' and 'Fire Burning.' To hear 'Letting Go (Dutty Love),' tune into AOL Radio's New Pop First station.

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