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Kesha, 'Take It Off' -- New Song

Kesha Take It OffKesha's new song, 'Take It Off,' cements her status as one of the most electrifying dance artists today. With its thumping opening, electro-infused beat and furious crescendos, the dance single is all but guaranteed to be a staple at clubs everywhere this summer.

And when Kesha talks about a "place I know," where "they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor" in the style of a six-grade camp ditty, it's hard for anyone to not feel the urge to just take it off.

'Take It Off' is the hyper-kinetic singer's latest single off her smash hit album, 'Animal,' which was unleashed in January. Much like the rest of the album, this new song is simply made for the dance floor. And, much like Kesha herself, the track seems to embody relentless, carefree hedonism at its best.

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