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The Stunners, 'Dancin' Around the Truth' Feat. New Boyz -- New Song

The Stunners Dancin' Around the Truth Feat. New BoyzThe Stunners' new song, 'Dancin' Around the Truth,' is, quite simply, an ode to betrayal.

After the jerkin' duo New Boyz set the tone with a lilting, infectious hook to open the track, the girls take the reins and proceed to perfectly articulate what it feels like to face that moment of truth.

It's a difficult moment for anyone to go through, but the Stunners, with their typically energetic flair, manage to capture that unique moment when you realize that "it's time that we come clean."

'Dancin' Around the Truth' is the first single off of the Stunners' untitled debut album, which should be released later this year. To hear 'Dancin' Around the Truth,' tune in to the New Pop First station on AOL Radio.

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