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New Boyz, 'Break My Bank' -- New Song

New Boyz'Break My Bank' is a new single from the New Boyz -- musical pioneers of the Jerkin' dance movement -- and off their upcoming second album 'Too Cool to Care,' which will be released this fall.

The song features group members Earl "Ben J" Benjamin and Dominic "Legacy" Thomas rapping in a sing-song style over a chirping blend of electronic beats, reggae rhythms and ultra-catchy pop hooks.

The lyrics find the men emptying their wallets to keep the attention of their desired girlfriends: "Had to scrape for some change / So I went to the bank / When I see her she was so damn fine like that / So I hit it right back pull out more stacks / She make me wanna break my bank."

New Boyz were the first band to bring the Los Angeles-based Jerkin' scene -- which features dance crews decked out in skinny jeans and colorful shirts -- to a national audience thanks to their Top 30 2009 hit 'You're a Jerk.'

'Too Cool to Care' is expected to be released this September. You can get your first taste of the new song, 'Break My Bank,' by checking out AOL Radio's New Pop First station.

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