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Free Music Tuesday -- Download Five Songs Totally Free

Here at AOL Radio, we've put together five free music downloads just for you! Expect more free music every Tuesday, just by checking back regularly. If you like any of the tracks you're downloading, then please support the artist by buying more of their songs on iTunes. For downloading newbies, read this simple how-to download an mp3 tutorial.
'Black Chukkas'
Gilbere Forte (Hip-Hop)
The Philly MC "step[s] up in the spot wearing all black chukkas," proving that he's as quick with his feet as he is with his rhymes. The ankle-high sneakers even star in the song's paired day-in-the-life music video, produced by Chris Robinson and Iren Brown.
Gilbere Forte Black Chukkas
'Me Marcho de Aqui'
Lily Vasquez (Pop Latino)
Residing from the same Colombian region as Shakira, the singer, composer (and did we mention salsa dancer?) grabs the attention of her love interest in this anthemic, electric guitar and heavy percussion-driven rock pop song.
Lily Vasquez Me Marcho de Aqui
'Gates of Babylon'
Flametal (Instrumental)
Fuse Spanish guitar melodies and flamenco-style clapping with metal, and you have Flametal, conceptualized by flamenco guitarist and emphatic metalist Benjamin Maderas Woods.
Flametal Heavy Mellow
'Bright Red Chords'
The Cali quartet master clean-toned pop hooks with classic surf rock, taking you back to those nostalgic days under the sun, "dancing to the beat" with friends.
Loomis and the Lust Nagasha
'Get Up or Get Down'
Call the Cops (Alternative)
Opening with raspy, Jared Leto-sounding vocals, the song evolves into a poppy, emotional-driven anthem about not wanting to waste another opportunity with a girl, and is featured on their eponymous debut full-length album.
Call the Cops

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