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Top 100 Classic Love Songs -- Part Three of Five

'To Know Him Is to Love Him'
Famous "Wall of Sound" producer Phil Spector took a rare turn as a signing member of this vocal group.
The Teddy Bears To Know Him Is To Love Him
'I Can't Stop Loving You'
Ray Charles was blind ... to the fact that his lover had moved on, even though he was still committed to her.
Ray Charles I Can't Stop Loving You
'Beyond the Sea'
Bobby's real-life fragile health made him more of a go-getter, unlike this song's "wait by the sea" guy.
Bobby Darin Beyond The Sea
'Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)'
The universe is supposedly endless, so he's pretty smart to narrow his search down to just one planet.
The Penguins Earth Angel Will You Be Mine
'Sweet Dreams'
Like a loose tooth, Patsy can't stop toying with the idea of romance with a man she knows she can't have.
Patsy Cline Sweet Dreams
'Put Your Head on My Shoulder'
The '50s teen idol provides easy to follow instructions for cheering up your sweetheart after a long day.
Paul Anka Put Your Head On My Shoulder
'It's Now or Never'
He must love her to put so much energy into this ultimatum. Let's face it, he could get other dates.
Elvis Presley It's Now Or Never
'I Only Have Eyes for You'
He claims he can't see a single thing but her. So, she really wasted a lot of time cleaning up the place.
The Flamingos I Only Have Eyes For You
'A Teenager in Love'
A wonderfully descriptive ode to teenage love -- such strong, new emotions and no idea how to handle them.
Dion And The Belmonts A Teenager In Love
'Stand by Your Man'
Let's be clear, she's not preaching blind devotion here. More like knowingly loving him despite his faults.
Tammy Wynette Stand By Your Man
'This Magic Moment'
The right moment can last a lifetime, and the Drifters are determined to make the best of this dance.
The Drifters This Magic Moment
He's head over heels and asking for help from the angels above, just to get her to even notice him.
Sam Cooke Cupid
'Save the Last Dance for Me'
A bittersweet plea from a guy who brought a cute date to the dance and then, sadly, lost her attention.
The Drifters Save The Last Dance For Me
'I Will Follow Him'
Don't follow him quite so blindly; you know how men are sometimes reluctant to ask for directions.
Little Peggy March I Will Follow Him
'You Send Me'
Sam Cooke has one of the most amazing voices in music. Honest he does, honest he does, honest he does.
Sam Cooke You Send Me
'Wonderful World'
Maybe she doesn't mind this list of things he's bad at, but you gotta think her father won't be impressed.
Sam Cooke Wonderful World
'One Fine Day'
He'll be sorry. She's gonna get her hair done, go to the gym, get a new dress and then, a new lover.
The Chiffons One Fine Day
'I Only Want to Be With You'
To put it in Prince's terms, she just wants your extra time and your ... kiss!
Dusty Springfield I Only Want To Be With You
'Rhythm of the Rain'
She left him, and of course now it's pouring. After all, it couldn't be sunny if he feels like this ...
The Cascades Rhythm Of The Rain
'To Love Somebody'
The Gibbs work hard to erase any doubt about the depth of their feelings with dramatic, quivering vocals.
Bee Gees To Love Somebody

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