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10 Best Elvis Presley Songs

Elvis Presley may be known as the King of Rock 'n' Roll, but the best Elvis songs reveal much more than just rock music. Elvis scored hits on the country, R&B and pop charts while also demonstrating blues, gospel and rockabilly influences. His performances, at one point, may have been deemed too hot for television -– he was once infamously shot from the waist up on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' -– but now prove he's simply one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.
'Burning Love'
'Burning Love' was Presley's biggest hit of the '70s, reaching No. 2 in 1972 to become his 40th Top 10 hit. The uptempo track reaches its climax at the end, with Elvis boasting, "I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burnin' love." Surprisingly, the song was written by Dennis Linde, who penned the Dixie Chicks' 'Goodbye Earl.'
'Kentucky Rain'
Riding high on the success of his 1968 NBC comeback special, Elvis headed into the studio in Memphis -- recording sessions that produced several notable hits. Among them were 'Suspicious Minds,' 'In the Ghetto' and 'Kentucky Rain' -- the last about a man who is wandering the streets in search of a woman who has left him. The song was co-written by Eddie Rabbitt and featured Ronnie Milsap on piano.
Elvis Kentucky Rain
'All Shook Up'
The 1957 song 'All Shook Up' was one of a handful of Elvis hits to achieve the trifecta -- topping the pop, country and R&B charts. More restrained compared to other Elvis songs in those years, the track focused on his sensuous vibrato. 'All Shook Up' was also the title of a 2005 Broadway musical inspired by Presley's music.
Elvis All Shook Up
'Heartbreak Hotel'
The first song Elvis recorded for RCA was the bluesy 'Heartbreak Hotel,' inspired by a suicide note about being on a "lonely street." Elvis performed 'Heartbreak Hotel' on several television shows in 1956 -- including 'Stage Show' and the 'Milton Berle Show' -- turning him into a household name and national superstar.
'Jailhouse Rock'
"Warden threw a party in the county jail," belted Elvis to open this 1957 classic about prisoners being overcome with dance fever. 'Jailhouse Rock' was released with the movie of the same name, the third film of Presley's career. The tune was one of many Elvis songs written and produced by the influential team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.
'Suspicious Minds'
Mark James wrote 'Suspicious Minds' about lovers who don't trust each other but are "caught in a trap," too emotionally involved to break it off. The last of the King's 17 No. 1 hits, 'Suspicious Minds' was one of the more lavishly produced Elvis Presley songs, with strings, horns and female backup singers complementing the song's infectious melody.
'It's Now or Never'
The second single Elvis released after he returned from the Army, 'It's Now or Never' became his biggest-selling record worldwide -- more than 25 million copies sold. With an easygoing tune based on the familiar Italian song 'O Sole Mio,' the track is credited with opening up Presley's music to a more "adult" audience.
'Return to Sender'
This 1962 pop and R&B hit humorously talks about a guy who refuses to accept that his girlfriend isn't coming back. When the Elvis stamp was issued in 1993, several die hard Elvis fans would mail letters to nonexistent addresses -- just so they could have them sent back with the words stamped "return to sender."
'Don't Be Cruel'
This pop- and rockabilly-fused single was written by Otis Blackwell, although Elvis was given co-writing credit to get him to record the song. With 'Hound Dog' on the b-side, the single spent 11 weeks at No. 1 on the pop chart, a record that lasted for more than 30 years until Boys II Men's 'End of the Road' surpassed it in 1992.
Elvis Dont Be Cruel
'Can't Help Falling in Love'
The 1961 'Blue Hawaii' track set the standard for all pop love ballads to follow. Though the lyrics never got any deeper than "Wise men say only fools rush in/But I can't help falling in love with you," Elvis delivered them in convincing fashion, and the song's simple romantic message earned the all-time best Elvis Presley song.
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