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Eddie Vedder, 'Better Days' From 'Eat Pray Love' -- New Song

Pearl Jam main man Eddie Vedder steps out on his own to provide music for another movie, this time with the song 'Better Days,' which appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming film 'Eat Pray Love,' starring Julia Roberts.

The song's epic scope is certainly suited for the big screen. A turbulent rhythm section churns along underneath acoustic guitars, accordions and plucked violins as Vedder's vocals start out softly and build to a dramatic climax.

The lyrics reveal a protagonist intent on moving on from past mistakes, with an open mind and an eye towards future opportunities: "Fill my heart with discipline / Put there for the teaching / In my head see clouds of stairs / Help me as I'm reaching / The future's paved with better days."

in 2007, Vedder provided all of the music for the soundtrack of Sean Penn's 2007 Oscar-nominated film 'Into the Wild,' earning himself a Best Original Song Golden Globe for the track 'Guaranteed.'

The soundtrack to 'Eat Pray Love' is already in stores, and the movie -- starring Roberts as a recent divorcee who travels around the world -- will appear in theaters Aug. 13. To get yourself in the mood for this cinematic feast, head over on AOL Radio's Adult Alternative station to listen to 'Better Days.'

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