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Top 100 Alternative Songs of the '90s -- Part Two of Five

The sample-heavy rappers morph into a full-fledged, genre-bending band with this adrenaline shot-of-a-song.
Beastie Boys III Communication
Good guys from Tennessee try to help out an ex-girlfriend who's stuck in an abusive relationship.
Fuel Sunburn
'Santa Monica'
Singer Art Alexakis chronicles his own teenage attempt at suicide after his girlfriend killed herself.
Everclear Sparkle and Fade
'Wicked Garden'
This understated rocker finds Scott Weiland lamenting the loss of innocence and wonder in our modern world.
Stone Temple Pilots Core
'More Human Than Human'
It wasn't all gloom and angst in the '90s. All praise to Rob Zombie for mixing theatrics with great rock songs.
White Zombie Astro Creep: 2000 Songs of Love Destruction and Other Synthetic Delusions of the Electric Head
'The World I Know'
Back to angst, but only briefly, as a chance encounter with a pigeon convinces a man not to end his life.
Collective Soul The World I Know
'Touch, Peel and Stand'
This Kentucky band brings raw, swampy acoustic guitars up front for this oddly-titled song about lust.
Days Of The New Days Of The New
Ed Roland seems to be speaking for a higher power here, telling non-believers to beware of their own vanity.
Collective Soul Collective Soul
Another lyrical trip to the dark side of L.A., courtesy of the ever-increasingly serious, yet former party boys.
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication
'Sex Type Thing'
STP exploded onto the scene with this hard-driving first single -- a peek into the thoughts of a sexual predator.
Stone Temple Pilots Sex Type Thing
'Basket Case'
Billy Joe Armstrong bares his anxieties and demons on this hit parade from 1994's 'Dookie.'
Green Day Dookie
Jerry Cantrell credits writing this song to helping his father come to grips with his Vietnam War years.
Alice in Chains Dirt
What is Gavin talking about? We defy you to explain these lyrics. Are we jealous he married Gwen? Yeah, maybe...
Bush Machinehead
'My Hero'
Often mistaken as a tribute to Dave Grohl's former bandmate Kurt Cobain, but is actually intended for everyday heroes.
Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape
'Brain Stew / Jaded'
Green Day channel Zeppelin and Queen by dropping an old school two-for-one special about sleep deprivation.
Green Day Insomniac
Gavin Rossdale talks of being dumped. We're guessing his agonizing time alone will last maybe 10 seconds.
Bush Comedown
'Inside Out'
SoCal indie rockers put their "heart in a blender" and knock out a kinetic, impossibly catchy guitar rocker.
Eve 6 Eve 6
'If You Could Only See'
These hard-touring rockers were rewarded for their efforts when this song spent over a year on the charts.
Tonic Lemon Parade
'Scar Tissue'
Okay we get it, you're a poet, and you had drug problems. Now put a sock on it again and let's get funky!
Red Hot Chili Peppers Scar Tissue
'Self Esteem'
A fantastic, rocking, honest, self-deprecating song from a guy who can't bring himself to stand up to his girl.
The Offspring Self Esteem

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