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Modern Gospel Songs List -- Top 500

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These 500 songs from the likes of Marvin Sapp, Donald Lawrence, sisters duo Mary Mary, Fred Hammond, and many others define the modern gospel sound. Whether it's the inspirational worship chimes of Smokie Norful, or the soul, funk and even jazz elements in Kirk Franklin's repertoire, we've got enough tracks here to lift your spiritual beliefs.

All 500 of the following songs can be heard on AOL's Modern Gospel radio station. To make it easy to find the track you're looking for, we've sorted this list alphabetically by artist name. So, go ahead, sing-a-long with Marvin: "Now how I see how you were there for me and I can say / I'm stronger, I'm wiser, I'm better, much better..."

Top 500 Modern Gospel Songs List

21:03, 'Cover Me'
21:03, 'I'm Sorry'
7 Sons of Soul, 'Prayin' 4 You'
Adrian B. King, 'You're Awesome'
Al Green, 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright'
Andrae Crouch, 'All Because of Jesus'
Andrae Crouch, 'The Lord Is My Light'
Angie Stone, 'Rain Down'
Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir, 'I Lift My Hands'
B. Chase Williams & The ShaBach Choir, 'Take a Trip'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'Addictive Love'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'Close to You'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'Grace'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'Heaven'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'If Anything Ever Happened to You'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'I'll Take You There'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'It's O.K.'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'Love Said Not So'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'Meantime'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'Searching for Love (It's Real)'
BeBe & CeCe Winans, 'Up Where We Belong'
BeBe Winans, 'Coming Back Home (feat. Brian McKnight)'
BeBe Winans, 'How Do We'
BeBe Winans, 'I'm in Love With You'
BeBe Winans, 'Miracle of Love'
BeBe Winans, 'Safe from Harm'
BeBe Winans, 'Stand'
BeBe Winans, 'Tonight Tonight'
BeBe Winans, 'What About It'
Beyonce Knowles, 'He Still Loves Me'
Beyonce Knowles, 'Time to Come Home'
Bishop Clarence E. McClendon, 'May the Lord God Bless You Real Good'
Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., 'Be Blessed'
Blessed, 'Your Mercy'
Bonafide Praisers, 'Work It Out'
Boyz II Men, 'Dear God'
Boyz II Men, 'I Will Get There [Acappella]'
Brian Courtney Wilson, 'All I Need'
Brian Courtney Wilson, 'Already Here'
Brian McKnight, 'Father'
Byron Cage, 'Broken But I'm Healed'
Byron Cage, 'Glory to Your Name'
Byron Cage, 'Magnify'
Byron Cage, 'Royalty'
Byron Cage, 'The Presence of the Lord Is Here'
Byron Cage, 'There Is a Name'
Byron Cage, 'Thou Art a Shield for Me: Psalm 3'
Calvin Bridges, 'Holy One'
Canton Jones, 'My Day'
Cece Winans, 'Anybody Wanna Pray'
CeCe Winans, 'By Thy Blood (Worthy Is the Lamb)'
CeCe Winans, 'Every Time'
CeCe Winans, 'Hallelujah Praise'
Cece Winans, 'Heavenly Father'
Cece Winans, 'Holy Spirit, Come Fill This Place'
CeCe Winans, 'Jesus You're So Beautiful'
Cece Winans, 'Looking Back at You'
Cece Winans, 'More Than Just a friend'
CeCe Winans, 'More Than What I Wanted'
CeCe Winans, 'Take Me Back'
CeCe Winans, 'Waging Wars'
Chris Byrd, 'Almighty God'
Christopher Brinson, 'What If God'
Coko, 'I Get Joy'
Commissioned, 'I Am Here'
Commissioned, 'Ordinary Just Won't Do'
Commissioned, 'Running Back to You'
Damita, 'No Looking Back'
Darwin Hobbs, 'A Medley of Worship'
Darwin Hobbs, 'Champion'
Darwin Hobbs, 'Everyday'
Darwin Hobbs, 'Nobody Like Jesus' Feat. Shirley Murdock
Darwin Hobbs, 'So Amazing'
Darwin Hobbs, 'We Worship You Today'
Darwin Hobbs, 'You Are God'
Daryl Coley, 'Beyond the Veil'
Daryl Coley, 'It Shall be Done'
Daryl Coley, 'The Medley of Praise'
Daryl Coley, 'When Sunday Comes'
Deborah Cox, 'Thy Will Be Done'
Debra Killings, 'Jesus'
Deitrick Haddon, 'Change Is Gonna Come'
Deitrick Haddon, 'God Didn't Give Up'
Deitrick Haddon, 'God Is Good'
Deitrick Haddon, 'Heaven Knows'
Deitrick Haddon, 'Prayer Changes Things'
Deitrick Haddon, 'Won't Stop Praying'
DeNetria Champ, 'Go On Through It'
Donald Lawrence, 'Beautiful Feet'
Donald Lawrence, 'Bless Me (Prayer of Jabez)'
Donald Lawrence, 'Coming Strong'
Donald Lawrence, 'Encourage Yourself'
Donald Lawrence, 'Healed'
Donald Lawrence, 'I Speak Life'
Donald Lawrence, 'Keep on Blessing Me'
Donald Lawrence, 'Let the Word Do the Work'
Donald Lawrence, 'Miracles'
Donald Lawrence, 'Restoring the Years'
Donald Lawrence, 'Right Now'
Donald Lawrence, 'Stranger'
Donald Lawrence, 'The Best Is Yet to Come'
Donald Lawrence, 'When Sunday Comes'
Donald Lawrence, 'You Covered Me'
Donald Lawrence & Co., 'Back II Eden [Edit]'
Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers, 'Giants'
Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers, 'I Am God'
Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers, 'In the Presence of a King'
Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers, 'Never Seen the Righteous'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Again'
Donnie McClurkin, 'All I Ever Really Wanted'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Caribbean Medley'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Didn't You Know'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Great Is Your Mercy'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Holy'
Donnie McClurkin, 'I Call You Faithful'
Donnie McClurkin, 'I Do I Do'
Donnie McClurkin, 'I'll Trust You Lord'
Donnie McClurkin, 'I'm Walking'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Just for Me'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Psalm 27'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Speak to My Heart'
Donnie McClurkin, 'That's What I Believe'
Donnie McClurkin, 'The Prayer (Urban Mix)'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Victory Chant (Hail Jesus)'
Donnie McClurkin, 'We Fall Down'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Who Would've Thought'
Donnie McClurkin, 'Yes You Can'
Dorinda Clark-Cole, 'Make Me Real'
Earnest Pugh, 'Rain on Us'
Fairest Hill, 'It's a New Season'
FGBCF Mass Choir, 'Cry Your Last Tear'
Fiya, 'I Trust You'
Fred Hammond, 'A Closer Walk'
Fred Hammond, 'A Song of Strength [DVD Version][*]'
Fred Hammond, 'Celebrate (He Lives)'
Fred Hammond, 'Great'
Fred Hammond, 'I'm Not Afraid'
Fred Hammond, 'Love's in Need'
Fred Hammond, 'Mender of Broken Hearts'
Fred Hammond, 'Praise Belongs to You'
Fred Hammond, 'Show Yourself Strong'
Fred Hammond, 'Thank You (I Won't Complain)'
Fred Hammond, 'They That Wait'
Fred Hammond, 'This Is the Day'
Fred Hammond, 'When It Gets Down to It'
Fred Hammond, 'Your Love Is a Wonder'
Fred Hammond, 'Your Name Is Jesus'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'All Things Are Working'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Give Me a Clean Heart'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Glory to Glory to Glory [Live]'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'He's God'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'I Wanna Be Yours'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'I Wanna Know Your Ways'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'I Want My Destiny'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Jesus Be a Fence Around Me'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Jesus Is All'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Let Me Praise You Now'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Let the Praise Begin'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'No Way, No Way (You Won't Lose)'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'No Weapon [Live]'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Please Don't Pass Me By'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'We're Blessed/Shout Unto God [Live]'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'When the Spirits of the Lord [Live]'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'When You Praise'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Yes He Will'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'You Are My Song'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'You Are the Living World'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'You Called Me Friend'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'You Were Much Closer'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Your Love'
Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ, 'Your Steps Are Ordered'
Friendship Baptist Church Mass Choir, 'Heaven in the Room'
Gary Mayes, 'We Worship Thee'
Georgia Mass Choir, 'Hold On, Help Is on the Way'
Georgia Mass Choir, 'Holy Ghost'
Georgia Mass Choir, 'Joy'
God's Property, 'Faith'
God's Property, 'My Life Is in Your Hands'
God's Property, 'So Good'
God's Property, 'Stomp'
Greg O'Quin & iPraize, 'Breakthru'
Heather Headley, 'Here I Am to Worship'
Heather Headley, 'Jesus Is Love'
Heritage Christian Center Mass Choir, 'Rain on Me'
Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, 'Faithful Is Our God'
Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, 'God Favored Me, Pt. 1'
Hezekiah Walker & the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir, 'Souled Out'
Howard Hewett, 'Say Amen'
Idris Elba, 'Now Behold the Lamb'
Inner City Mass Choir, 'He Will Come Through'
Inner City Mass Choir, 'Ready, Get Ready'
Israel & New Breed, 'Again I Say Rejoice'
Israel & New Breed, 'Who Is Like the Lord'
J. Moss, 'Don't Let'
J. Moss, 'Don't Pray & Worry'
J. Moss, 'Give You More'
J. Moss, 'Livin' 4'
J. Moss, 'Me Again'
J. Moss, 'Praise on the Inside'
J. Moss, 'Psalm 150'
J. Moss, 'The More I Think'
J. Moss, 'Unto Thee'
J. Moss, 'We Must Praise'
J. Moss, 'Work Your Faith'
James Fortune, 'Encore'
Jason Champion, 'Always'
Jennifer Hudson, 'Jesus Promised Me a Home Over There'
Jill Scott, 'Kingdom Come'
Joe Pace, 'Great Is the Lord Medley: Great Is the Lord/How Great Thou Art'
Joe Pace, 'Have Your Way'
Joe Pace, 'Holy Spirit Move'
Joe Pace, 'I Will Bless the Lord at All Times'
Joe Pace, 'I Worship Thee'
Joe Pace, 'Lord We Bless Your Name'
Joe Pace, 'We Offer Praise to You'
John P. Kee, 'In Your Name'
Johnny Sanders, 'I Trust God'
Jonathan Butler, 'Lord I Lift Your Name On High'
Jonathan Nelson, 'Bettah'
Joshua's Troop, 'Everybody Clap Your Hands'
Juanita Bynum, 'Forever Grateful'
Juanita Bynum, 'Show Me Your Face (Recitation)'
Judith Christie McAllister, 'I Want to See You'
Judith Christie McAllister, 'Like the Dew'
Judith Christie McAllister, 'Oh Give Thanks'
Judith Christie McAllister, 'Praise Uninhibited'
Judith Christie McAllister, 'Sing Praises to Thee'
Judy Jacobs, 'Because of Who You Are'
Karen Clark-Sheard, '2nd Chance'
Karen Clark-Sheard, 'A Praying Spirit'
Karen Clark-Sheard, 'Be Sure'
Karen Clark-Sheard, 'Couldn't Tell It if I Tried'
Karen Clark-Sheard, 'Heaven'
Karen Clark-Sheard, 'Higher Ground'
Karen Clark-Sheard, 'I've Been Changed'
Karen Clark-Sheard, 'Jesus Is a Love Song'
Karen Clark-Sheard, 'Just for Me'
Karen Clark-Sheard, 'Secret Place'
Kelly Price, 'Get Up and Praise'
Kelly Price, 'God Is Faithful'
Kelly Price, 'Healing'
Kelly Price, 'I Know Who Holds Tomorrow'
Kelly Price, 'Just as I Am'
Kelly Price, 'Lord of All'
Kelly Price, 'The Warning'
Kelly Price, 'What a Friend'
Kierra "KiKi" Sheard, 'Praise Him Now'
Kierra "KiKi" Sheard, 'You Don't Know'
Kierra 'Kiki' Sheard, 'All I Am'
Kierra 'Kiki' Sheard, 'Praise Offering'
Kirk Franklin, 'A Letter From My Friend'
Kirk Franklin, 'Afterwhile'
Kirk Franklin, 'Are You Listening'
Kirk Franklin, 'Better'
Kirk Franklin, 'Blessing in the Storm'
Kirk Franklin, 'Brokenhearted'
Kirk Franklin, 'Conquerors'
Kirk Franklin, 'Could've Been'
Kirk Franklin, 'Declaration (This Is It!)'
Kirk Franklin, 'First Love'
Kirk Franklin, 'He Can Handle It'
Kirk Franklin, 'He Loves Me'
Kirk Franklin, 'He Reigns [Medley]'
Kirk Franklin, 'Help Me Believe [Edit]'
Kirk Franklin, 'He's Able'
Kirk Franklin, 'Hold Me Now'
Kirk Franklin, 'Imagine Me'
Kirk Franklin, 'Jesus!'
Kirk Franklin, 'Keep Your Head'
Kirk Franklin, 'Looking for You'
Kirk Franklin, 'My Desire'
Kirk Franklin, 'Ooh Child'
Kirk Franklin, 'Real Love'
Kirk Franklin, 'Silver & Gold'
Kirk Franklin, 'Speak to Me'
Kirk Franklin, 'The Appeal'
Kirk Franklin, 'The Family Worship Medley'
Kirk Franklin, 'The Process'
Kirk Franklin, 'The Storm Is Over Now'
Kirk Franklin, 'Till We Meet Again'
Kirk Franklin, 'Why'
Kirk Franklin, 'Why We Sing'
Kirk Franklin, 'Without You'
Kirk Franklin & the Family, 'Don't Take Your Joy Away'
Kirk Franklin & the Family, 'I Love You Jesus'
Kirk Franklin & the Family, 'Jesus Paid It All'
Kirk Franklin & the Family, 'Let Me Touch You'
Kirk Franklin & the Family, 'Melodies from Heaven'
Kirk Franklin & the Family, 'Savior More Than Life'
Kirk Franklin & the Family, 'Washed Away'
Kirk Franklin & the Family, 'Whatcha Lookin' 4'
Kirk Franklin & the Family, 'Where the Spirit Is'
Kirk Whalum, 'Falling In Love With Jesus'
Kurt Carr, 'Surely God Is Able'
Kurt Carr, 'To Make You Strong'
Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers, 'God Is a Healer'
LaShun Pace, 'I Promised the Lord'
LaShun Pace, 'It Already Is'
LaShun Pace, 'My Times'
LaShun Pace, 'There's a Leak In This Old Building'
Leofric Thomas, 'Sweet Spirit'
Lisa Page Brooks, 'I Want to Say Thank You'
Luther Barnes, 'Spirit Fall Down'
Martha Munizzi, 'Because of Who You Are'
Martha Munizzi, 'Glorious'
Marvin Sapp, 'Be Exalted'
Marvin Sapp, 'Be It Unto Me'
Marvin Sapp, 'Do You Know Him'
Marvin Sapp, 'Give Thanks'
Marvin Sapp, 'Grace and Mercy'
Marvin Sapp, 'He Has His Hands on You'
Marvin Sapp, 'Lord Send Your Anointing'
Marvin Sapp, 'Never Would Have Made It'
Marvin Sapp, 'Not the Time, Not the Place'
Marvin Sapp, 'Nothing Else Matters'
Marvin Sapp, 'Power'
Marvin Sapp, 'Praise Him in Advance'
Marvin Sapp, 'The Best In Me'
Marvin Sapp, 'Trust God'
Marvin Sapp, 'We Need You Right Now'
Marvin Sapp, 'You Brought Me'
Marvin Winans, 'Hold Me in Your Arms Tonight'
Marvin Winans & the Perfected Praise Choir, 'Walk Like Jesus'
Mary Mary, 'Believer'
Mary Mary, 'Can't Give Up Now'
Mary Mary, 'Get Up'
Mary Mary, 'God in Me'
Mary Mary, 'Heaven'
Mary Mary, 'Love You That Much'
Mary Mary, 'One Minute'
Mary Mary, 'Somebody'
Mary Mary, 'Speak to Me'
Mary Mary, 'Stand Still'
Mary Mary, 'Thank You'
Mary Mary, 'The Real Party (Trevon's Birthday)'
Mary Mary, 'Wade in the Water'
Mary Mary, 'What a Friend'
Mary Mary, 'What Is This'
Mary Mary, 'Yesterday'
Maurette Brown Clark, 'It Ain't Over'
Maurette Brown Clark, 'One God'
Maurette Brown Clark, 'Sovereign God'
Men of Standard, 'Always There'
Men of Standard, 'Back to You'
Men of Standard, 'God Take Care of Me'
Men of Standard, 'He Cares'
Men of Standard, 'In Your Will'
Men of Standard, 'Lord You're Everything'
Men of Standard, 'So Beautiful'
Men of Standard, 'Yet Will I Trust in Him'
Michael Speaks, 'Jesus Is Real'
Michael Speaks, 'Praise Your Problems Away'
Michelle Williams, 'Gospel Medley'
Michelle Williams, 'Steal Away to Jesus'
Myron Butler & Levi, 'Stronger'
New Direction, 'Hold Out'
New Direction, 'New Direction'
New Divine Destiny, 'Because of These Things'
New Divine Destiny, 'Now Unto Him'
New Life Community Choir, 'Right Now Praise'
New Life Community Choir, 'The Anointing'
New Life Community Choir, 'Wash Me'
Norman Hutchins, 'Awesome God!'
Norman Hutchins, 'God's Got a Blessing (With My Name on It!)'
Norman Hutchins, 'Jesus I Love You'
Norman Hutchins, 'Lord You Are the Potter'
O'Landa Draper, 'My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord'
O'Landa Draper & the Associates, 'Gotta Feelin''
O'Landa Draper & the Associates, 'I've Got a Reason'
Pastor Gregg Patrick & the Bridge Project, 'I Am a Witness'
Pastor Rudolph McKissick Jr, 'How Great Art Thou'
Patti Labelle, 'Walk Around Heaven'
Radical for Christ, 'Hear My Cry'
Regina Belle, 'God Is Good'
Rev. Bruce Parham, 'Call Jesus'
Rev. Timothy Wright, 'Let's Celebrate (He Is Risen) [Exclusive CD Mix]'
Ricky Dillard, 'Things Will Work Out for Me'
Ron Winans, 'Stand'
Ruben Studdard, 'Amazing Grace'
Ruben Studdard, 'Love Him Like I Do'
Ruben Studdard, 'Running Back to You'
Ruben Studdard, 'We Have Not Forgotten'
Sean Simmonds, 'My Life'
Shekinah Glory Ministry, 'Jesus'
Shirley Caesar, 'I Know The Truth (Lies)'
Smokie Norful, 'I Need You Now'
Smokie Norful, 'I Understand'
Smokie Norful, 'It's All About You'
Smokie Norful, 'Justified'
Smokie Norful, 'Life's Not Promised'
Smokie Norful, 'Praise Him'
Smokie Norful, 'Still Say, Thank You'
Sounds of Blackness, 'God Cares'
Sounds of Blackness, 'Hold On (Change Is Comin')'
Sounds of Blackness, 'I Believe'
Stephanie Mills, 'Power of God'
T.D. Jakes, 'I Surrender All'
T.D. Jakes, 'Mary Magdalene's Story'
T.D. Jakes, 'The Bishop's Prayer'
Take 6, 'Biggest Part Of Me'
Tamela Mann, 'Joy of the Lord'
Tamela Mann, 'The Master Plan'
Tarralyn Ramsey, 'Count It All Joy'
Tedd Winn, 'The Lifter'
The Boys Choir of Harlem, 'Jesus Is Love'
The Brown Sisters, 'Awesome God'
The City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir, 'Jesus'
The City of Refuge Sanctuary Choir, 'Not About Us'
The Clark Sisters, 'Blessed & Highly Favored'
The Clark Sisters, 'Livin''
The Commodores, 'Jesus Is Love'
The Mighty Clouds of Joy, 'I've Been in the Storm Too Long'
The Rance Allen Group, 'Do Your Will'
The Singletons, 'Better Than That'
The Singletons, 'I'll Worship You All of My Days'
The Tommies, 'He's All I Need'
The Tommies, 'Real'
The Whispers, 'For Thou Art with Me'
The Winans, 'A Friend'
The Winans, 'Ain't No Need to Worry'
The Winans, 'Everything You Touch is a Song'
The Winans, 'It Won't Be Long'
The Winans, 'Millions'
The Winans, 'The Question Is'
The Winans, 'Tomorrow'
The Winans, 'Uphold Me'
The Winans, 'When You Cry [Single Version]'
Thomas Whitfield, 'We Need A Word From The Lord'
Tonéx, 'God Has Not 4Got'
Tonéx, 'Restoration'
Tramaine Hawkins, 'Changed'
Tramaine Hawkins, 'Goin' UP Yonder'
Tramaine Hawkins, 'I Never Lost My Praise'
Tramaine Hawkins, 'The Potter's House'
Tri-City Singers, 'When Thye Saints Go to Worship'
Trin-I-Tee 5:7, 'God's Grace'
Trin-I-Tee 5:7, 'Oh Mary, Don't You Weep'
Troy Sneed, 'In This Place (I)'
Troy Sneed, 'You Are Worthy to Be Praised'
Twinkie Clark-Terrell, 'Endow Me [Live]'
Twinkie Clark-Terrell, 'Everything You Need Is Right Here'
Twinkie Clark-Terrell, 'I Made It'
Twinkie Clark-Terrell, 'In Your Presence'
Tye Tribbett, '1-2 (Victory Check)'
Tye Tribbett, 'Bless the Lord'
Tye Tribbett, 'G.A. Hymn (Who Else but God)'
Tye Tribbett, 'Hallelujah to Your Name'
Tye Tribbett, 'Seated at the Right Hand of God'
Tye Tribbett, 'Sinking'
Tye Tribbett & G. A., 'Hold On'
Tye Tribbett & Greater Anointing, 'Victory'
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, 'Desire of My Heart'
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, 'Good News'
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, 'Never Alone'
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, 'The Denied Stone'
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, 'We Sing Glory'
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, 'You Alone Are Worthy'
Vanessa Bell Armstrong, 'You Bring Out the Best in Me'
Vickie Winans, 'How I Got Over'
Vickie Winans, 'I Promise'
Vickie Winans, 'Shake Yourself Loose'
Vickie Winans, 'The Rainbow'
Vickie Winans, 'We Shall Behold Him'
Virtue, 'Angels Watching Over Me'
Virtue, 'Get Ready'
Virtue!, 'Great Is Thy Faithfulness'
Virtue!, 'He's Been Good'
Virtue!, 'Lord I Lift My Hands'
Walter Hawkins, 'Changed'
West Angeles Church of God in Christ Mass Choir, 'Lord Prepare Me'
William Becton, 'Be Encouraged'
Yolanda Adams, 'Alwaysness'
Yolanda Adams, 'Be Blessed'
Yolanda Adams, 'Better Than Gold'
Yolanda Adams, 'Day by Day'
Yolanda Adams, 'I'm Grateful'
Yolanda Adams, 'Is Your All on the Altar'
Yolanda Adams, 'It's Gon Be Nice'
Yolanda Adams, 'Let Us Worship Him'
Yolanda Adams, 'Lift Him Up'
Yolanda Adams, 'My Everything'
Yolanda Adams, 'Open My Heart'
Yolanda Adams, 'Show Me'
Yolanda Adams, 'Since the Last Time I Saw You'
Yolanda Adams, 'Someone Watching Over You'
Yolanda Adams, 'Step Aside'
Yolanda Adams, 'Still I Rise'
Yolanda Adams, 'The Battle Is the Lord's'
Yolanda Adams, 'This Too Shall Pass'
Yolanda Adams, 'Through the Storm'
Yolanda Adams, 'Tonight'
Yolanda Adams, 'Victory'
Youth for Christ, 'I Just Want to Thank You'
Youth for Christ, 'Psalm 34'
Youth for Christ, 'We Worship You O Lord'
Youthful Praise, 'In Your Favor'
Youthful Praise, 'Resting on His Promise'
Youthful Praise, 'TFT Medley, Pt. 1: Holy'
Youthful Praise, 'The Blood'
Youthful Praise, 'You Are So Awesome'

If there's a modern gospel song missing from this top 500 list, let us know in the comments below.

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