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Seal, 'Secret' -- New Song

British pop-soul singer Seal marks his 20th year as a star with 'Secret,' the first single from his upcoming album '6: Commitment.' The album follows his appropriately named 2008 collection of classic soul covers, 'Soul.'

It's no 'secret' that ballads have become Seal's forte over the past two decades; so it makes sense to have this stately affair set to a lilting waltz beat. What's new and refreshing, though, is the stripped down, organic-sounding instrumentation.

Acoustic guitars, real drums, gently swooping violins and cello replace the lush, highly-produced sound of previous efforts as Seal's rich voice sings about romantic devotion: "You must know me / I'm one of your secrets / You're trying hard to keep it / I belong to you / And you belong to me."

'Commitment,' Seal's sixth collection of original material, is expected in stores on Sept. 28. Check out 'Secret' on AOL Radio's Lite Rock station.

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