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All That Remains, 'Hold On' -- New Song

All That Remains ...For We Are ManyCourtesy of Prosthetic Records

Rock mainstays All That Remains continue to evolve with their new single 'Hold On,' the first song from their upcoming album '...For We Are Many.'

This will be the fourth album in the band's still-growing 12-year career, and the third consecutively-produced effort by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam D.

'Hold On' shows the band continuing to add new textures to their thrashing sound. Rather than softening up the music, the melodic interludes and surprising changes of pace just help the inevitable, and still central guitar riffs, hit even harder.

The vocal range displayed on this song is also impressive, with singer Philip Labonte and company moving from piercing high notes to the classic guttural "cookie monster" growl, as they give some alleged liar a final kiss-off: "And you keep talking but we both know it's not true / I still know that you're wrong / And no matter what we both had to go through / I just can't / I just can't hold on."

'...For We Are Many' brings metal to record stores Oct. 12. All That Remains will be on tour with fellow thrashers As I Lay Dying throughout most of the Fall. For now, listening to their new song on AOL Radio's New Rock First station may help you 'Hold On' until they get to your town.

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