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Diddy-Dirty Money, 'Loving You No More' Feat. Drake -- New Song

Diddy-Dirty Money Feat Drake Loving You No More

Diddy, or whatever Sean Combs is calling himself this afternoon, is back with 'Loving You No More' featuring Drake, the fourth single from the upcoming Diddy-Dirty Money album 'Last Train to Paris.'

Why "Diddy-Dirty Money?" It's not another name change, but the band name for Combs' latest collaborators, Dawn Richard and Kalenna Harper. The duo's beautiful voices twist and soar around Diddy's supple and soulful vocals.

Tinkling piano notes roam all over a deep mid-tempo R&B groove, as Diddy tries to talk himself out of an apparently doomed relationship: "Loving you no more / I just / I can't / I just can't be / I love you more than I love myself." Meanwhile, Drake adds a middle verse about a girl leaving him.

Despite having already released the songs 'Angels,' 'Love Come Down,' and 'Hello Good Morning' from the project, there is still no set release date for 'Last Train to Paris.' But, don't let that stop you from enjoying 'Loving You No More,' which you can hear over on AOL Radio's New R&B First station.

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