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Lil Scrappy, 'Bad (That's Her)' Feat. Stuey Rock -- New Song

Lill Scrappy Bad That's Her Stuey RockCourtesy of Def Jam Records

In his new song, 'Bad (That's Her),' Lil Scrappy goes into insightfully lurid detail about infamous women who look beautiful -- and totally know it.

Once we hear the opening chords, the song's digitally symphonic backdrop instantly inspires thoughts of grandiloquence, and the looming feeling that Lil Scrappy is about to dish something truly profound; and, true to the listener's expectations, he does.

Throughout the course of the song, which features an appearance from Stuey Rock, Lil Scrappy describes the protagonist as a woman who thinks "money ain't a thing," and who definitely "knows she's bad."

Lil Scrappy's new album, 'Prince of the South 2,' is due to hit stores on Oct. 5. To hear Lil Scrappy's new song, tune in to the New HIp-Hop First station on AOL Radio.

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