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100 Worst Songs Ever

What takes a song from bad to one of the worst songs of all time? Well, it takes all sorts of half-baked musical ideas, crimes of imaging over talent or reliance on quickly burned-out trends to land on our list. We know we're gonna take some flak from people who love some of these songs, and truth is we're sure we missed some real stinkers. So check out AOL Radio's 100 Worst Songs Ever and be sure to let us know how you agree or disagree in the comments section below.
'My First Kiss'
3OH!3 Feat. Kesha
We made last-minute room for this hip-hop duo's overly slick power-pop ode to sucking ... face.
3OH!3 Streets Of Gold
'This Is Why I'm Hot'
First off, he repeats "This is why I'm hot" too much. Second, he repeats "This is why I'm hot" too much.
MIMS Music Is My Saviour
'Looking for Freedom'
The great, shameless one testifies to the power of music -- horrible, horrible music -- to unite and uplift us all.
David Hasselhoff Looking For Freedom
'The Girl Is Mine'
Proof that combining the talents of two amazing singers doesn't always produce good results.
Michael Jackson Thriller
'You're Beautiful'
One of the worst songs ever to best define cloying: "To cause disgust by supplying too much of something originally pleasant."
James Blunt Back To Bedlam
'Mambo No. 5'
Can you imagine how bad Nos. 1 through 4 must have been? Let's all band together and make sure there's never a No. 6!
Lou Bega A Little Bit of Mambo
'America A O'
A harmless, morale-boosting ode to his beloved home country, or an insidious act of youth-targeted propaganda?
Aaron Carter Another Earthquake
'Jenny From the Block'
Yup, just your average girl, willing to risk a national TV gig over the size of her "dressing-room compound."
Jennifer Lopez This Is Me Then
'Escape (The Piña Colada Song)'
No two people like all the things listed in this song. In fact, very few of us like any of these things.
Rupert Holmes Partners In Crime
'Here Comes the Hotstepper'
Let's sing along! "They call me Aaa-noyyyyying! (Word 'em up!)/I'm a one-hit wonder (thank...fully!)."
Ini Kamoze Here Comes the Hotstepper
Fame must have messed with his head, because Ol' Crockett really thought he could pull this off.
Don Johnson Heartbeat
'Cherry Pie'
A lot of people missed this song's subtle commentary on outdated gender roles. Well, that's because there weren't any.
Warrant Cherry Pie
'Thong Song'
Don't wanna show you ours, even less interested in seeing yours. Also, what does "dumps like a truck" mean?
Sisqo Unleash The Dragon
'The Fast Food Song'
Fast Food Rockers
We'd like to see Morgan Spurlock spend 30 days listening to nothing but this song. He'd never survive.
Fast Food Rockers The Fast Food Song
'Cotton Eye Joe'
The worst song the New York Yankees could have picked for their seventh-inning stretch music. No wonder they're nicknamed the "evil empire."
Rednex Sex & Violins
'Girl You Know It's True'
Turns out absolutely nothing about this was true. Which sets up the question "Couldn't they have bought a better lie?"
Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It's True
Thankfully, we rejected this crap outright. OK, we broke a man's spirit, but the alternative was much worse.
Kevin Federline Popozao
The whiny, caterwauling vocals on this chorus must be heard once (never twice!) to be believed.
Morris Albert Feelings
'Some Girls (Dance With Women)'
Singing in monotone falsetto on one of the worst songs to explain why girls grind each other at clubs will likely not win you any of them.
JC Chasez Schizophrenic
'Get Ready for This'
We were fully ready for this. Now, we're ready for it to stay as far away from our sporting events as possible.
2 Unlimited Get Ready For This
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