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Taio Cruz, 'Dirty Picture' Feat. Kesha -- New Song

Courtesy of Mercury Records

Taio Cruz includes Kesha's husky, Auto-Tuned vocals on his new single, 'Dirty Picture.' The dance-driven hit is featured on his second studio album, 'Rokstarr,' which was released in the US in June.

Building from strobing, techno back beats, Taio melodically, and bluntly, asks his muse to take a few, er, risque pictures for him, before transitioning into speaking voice with the help of party queen Kesha: "Whenever you are gone, I just wanna be wit ya / Please don't get me wrong, I just wanna see your picture."

Cruz admitted to UK's MTV News that he wrote the song with Lady Gaga in mind, but heavy-weight producer Dr. Luke encouraged him to collaborate with Kesha. "She hadn't done 'TiK ToK' or anything like that at that point," Cruz states. "But I just thought she sounded really cool. A very unique-sounding voice."

Cruz has been rocking the Top 40 charts with his singles, 'Break Your Heart' and 'Dynamite.' To hear 'Dirty Picture,' tune in to AOL Radio's New Pop First station.

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