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Corona 'Find Your Beach' Commercial -- What's the Song?

The best part of the new Corona commercial, for any music lover anyway, is the song it features: 'Secret Sun' by Jesse Harris.

The song was originally featured on the 2003 album 'The Secret Sun,' featuring Harris' band the Ferdinandos, but was re-recorded for a 2010 single release currently available on iTunes.

As seasons and beautiful settings pass by, young couples and friends share the various views, some loving embraces, and of course their beer, all to the delicately strummed acoustic guitars and brushed drums of Harris' romantic musical invitation:

"Meet me by the sea again / Past the point where the shoreline bends / Where the sand is soft and warm / And hangs upon your golden arm / And time won't move at all."

But the second best thing is that for once in these Corona spots, some totally innocent guy doesn't get sprayed in the eye with a lime wedge just cause he happened to momentarily glance in the direction of the nearest moving object.

But, back to the music. Jesse Harris is a highly prolific songwriter who has released 10 albums, most recently 2010's 'Through the Night,' of his own, in addition to writing songs for Norah Jones, Willie Nelson and many others.

You can watch the blessedly violence-free commercial below:

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