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Holiday Inn 'Stay You' Commercial -- What's the Song?

DIY-indie pop singer Kyle Andrews provides the upbeat song 'You Always Make Me Smile' for the recent Holiday Inn commercial. The song is available as a single on most online stores.

As the sunny, upbeat acoustic guitar shuffle strolls by, everyday people are shown grilling in rainstorms, hugging enormous dogs and generally being comfortable with themselves. Andrews, meanwhile, clearly has simple, innocent romance on his mind:

"I like your messy hair / I like the clothes you wear / I like the way you sing / And when you dance with me / You always make me smile / I don't know why I love you / I just know I can't stop thinking about you."

Kyle Andrews has been praised for his thinking-person's music since he moved from Chicago to Nashville and released his first album, 'Amos in Ohio,' back in 2006.

Since then he's released another full-length album and two EPs, the most recent being 'Kangaroo,' which features two versions of 'You Always Make Me Smile.' You can learn more about him on his Website.

You can watch, but thankfully not hear, a passionate karaoke performance and other charming slices of life in the commercial below.

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