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Top 10 Ratt Songs

The smart, catchy hard rock of the best Ratt songs demonstrates why the band is considered to be one of the most underrated hard rock bands of the '80s. Ratt is back on the road in support of their first new album in over a decade, so who's to say they won't get some overdue respect now? Let's start with our list of the Best Ratt Songs, as voted by AOL Radio listeners.
'Best of Me'
This year, Ratt reunited in the studio to record 'Infestation,' their first album in 11 years. To replace original guitarist Robbin Crosby, who passed away back in 2002, they recruited another veteran of the '80s hard rock scene, Quiet Riot's Carlos Cavazo. 'Best of Me,' the first single, is a muscular, melodic throwback to the sound of Ratt's glory days.
'Body Talk'
Ratt's 1986 album 'Dancing Undercover' failed to reach the sales heights of their previous albums, starting a decline that would eventually cause the group to disband in 1992. However, this unusually thrash-influenced rocker, which was featured in the hit Eddie Murphy movie 'The Golden Child,' became a fan favorite and serves as an excellent showcase for Warren DeMartini's guitar skills.
'Slip of the Lip'
This strutting, insanely catchy tune from 1986's 'Dancing Undercover' suggests Ratt didn't get enough credit for their songwriting abilities. Their time at the top of the pop-metal heap may have been winding down as they released this song, but the band was definitely pushing themselves, and the result was more musically (if not lyrically) sophisticated material -- such as this song.
'Lack of Communication'
Of course we'll get to the big hit from their 1984 triple-platinum breakthrough 'Out of the Cellar' later in this list of best Ratt songs, but first let's spread the credit around a bit. Ratt's debut album was filled with catchy songs such as this one. Which came in handy, because ready or not, the band was suddenly headlining arena shows.
'Wanted Man'
Ratt's wild-west themed video for 'Wanted Man,' the third-highest charting single from 1984's 'Out of the Cellar,' is, perhaps unintentionally, nearly as funny as 'Weird Science,' the 1985 cult comedy classic that also featured the song on its soundtrack. If you enjoy high concept pop-metal videos from the '80s, it is well worth viewing.
Ratt Wanted Man
'Way Cool Jr.'
Rats are known for being able to adapt quickly to new environments, and Ratt certainly proved they could keep up with the changing times on 1988's 'Reach for the Sky.' By adding glossier production and a horn section to this tale (of a hotshot guitarist taking the town and its women, by storm), Ratt earned themselves yet another hit single.
'You're in Love'
Moving quickly to capitalize on the success of their 1984 debut album, Ratt released 'Invasion of Your Privacy' a year later. DeMartini stepped to the front, taking more than his former half-share of the axe duties and becoming a full-fledged guitar magazine hero with his work on this, one of the best Ratt songs ever.
Ratt You're In Love
'Back for More'
Although slightly different versions, 'Back for More' is included on both the band's debut EP and their 1984 full-length album, 'Out of the Cellar.' Both album covers also feature Whitesnake video regular and current reality TV star Tawney Kitaen.
'Lay It Down'
Playboy centerfold Marianne Gravatte took over as Ratt's album cover girl for 1985's 'Invasion of Your Privacy,' and also starred in the video for the album's first single. The clip starts at a birthday party, with a young version of lead singer Stephen Pearcy blowing out the candles on his birthday cake, wishing, apparently successfully, to be a rock star.
Ratt Lay It Down
'Round and Round'
What else could top a list of best Ratt songs? This enduring anthem from 1984's 'Out of the Cellar' introduced the band to the world in a hurry. This was partially thanks to the song's famous video, which featured the band manager's uncle, legendary comedian Milton Berle, as a stuffy upper-cruster tortured by the band's loud performance and general appearance.

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