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Top 10 Scary Songs

Don't be ashamed if you're too afraid to check our list of scary songs from the haunted realms of rock and pop -- they are quite capable of unleashing powerful emotions. However, if you're still feeling brave, you'll find ghosts, werewolves and goblins ready to take their turn at dragging your ears through their musical graveyard. So grab your garlic, silver, crosses and courage, and get ready for AOL Radio's list of Top 10 Scary Songs.
'Halloween II'
Glenn Danzig and his appropriately-named band of horror-punk misfits released this Latin-spouting scary song on Oct. 31 as the B-side of another 'Halloween' song. The muddy, chiming guitar sound and various deep, swirling vocals create a haunting atmosphere, as they talk of werewolves, exorcisms and ancient formulas.
'Boris the Spider'
John Entwistle -- the late, great bassist for The Who, who frequently performed in a skeleton costume -- reportedly wrote this creepy, crawly tale of a spider named Boris in 10 minutes flat. It was the second song on the band's 1966 UK-released, sophomore album 'A Quick One,' and became a concert favorite.
'Fear of the Dark'
This legendary British metal band are no strangers to haunting images, in fact their famous mascot Eddie is a zombie-like creature. For the title track off their 1992 album 'Fear of the Dark,' they shut out the lights and face up to the strange noises, shadows and creatures that lurk in all of our nightmares.
'Psycho Killer'
The tightly-wound funk of the first single from these influential alternative rockers' 1977 debut album seems like a standard expression of frustration, at first. Then, as you realize that David Byrne and company are taking you deeper and deeper into the thoughts of a serial killer, and that he's making a lot of sense, you start to get really scared.
'Red Right Hand'
Australia's Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds unleashed this all-time top scary song upon the world in 1994, about a mysterious, handsome and dangerous stranger: "He's a ghost, he's a God, he's a man, he's a guru / You're one microscopic cog in his catastrophic plan / Designed and directed by his red right hand."
'Welcome to My Nightmare'
Did you think for even one second we were going to have a list of the all-time top scary songs and not include Alice Cooper? We chose the title track from his 1975 album partly because it finds a way to make disco sound sinister, but mostly for the charm and graciousness with which Alice invites us inside his personal mental breakdown.
'Sweet Dreams'
The Eurythmics' original version of this song was plenty creepy already, albeit in more of an icy, distanced way. That's not how our Mr. Manson operates, of course. He drags us right inside his messed-up mind, so we can hear all about use and abuse up-close, and get ourselves nice and mentally messy.
'Grim Grinning Ghosts (The Screaming Song)'
Xavier Atencio
This deceptively cheery track has been scaring visitors to Disney's Haunted Mansion theme park attractions for over 40 years. Crypt doors creak and tombstones quake, as the titular smiling ghosts come out to greet under the spell of the full moon. You will not want to overstay your welcome, despite their pleasantries.
'They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!'
The sheer repetitiveness of the lyrical phrases in this track are enough to cause you to lose your grip on sanity, just as the protagonist has. Add the high pitched processed singing and the various bells, whistles and sirens, and you've got true madness captured on record.
Well, if you didn't realize this was going to be our top scary song, we're somewhat scared of you, to be honest. Even without its groundbreaking short film, 'Thriller' remains the closest thing we have to an audio-only horror movie. Vincent Price's song-closing rap is just the bloody cherry on top of this delicious horror sundae.
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