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Top 10 'South Park' Songs

The subversive wit and undeniable musicality of the best 'South Park' songs are a big part of why the show has remained one of the most consistently funny television programs in recent history. In the 13 years since the show debuted, Trey Parker and Matt Stone's ability to offer humorous thoughts on pop culture and larger world events (with a catchy melody) has grown just as dramatically as the evolved animation -- from crude cardboard cut-outs to high-tech computer effects. Here are our highly subjective top 10 'South Park' songs, rated on AOL Radio's WTF station.
'Things You Can Do With Your Finger'
In one of the most hysterical examples of Cartman's never-ending quest for easy fame and wealth, he convinces Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Wendy (more on her later) to join him in a boy band named 'Fingerbang.' Despite their much-demonstrated history of salty language, we're led to believe the boys don't know what their theme song means, except, of course, for Kenny.
South Park Cartman
Courtesy of Comedy Central
'Blame Canada'
'Bigger, Longer and Uncut'
'South Park' creators Stone and Parker take a direct shot at parental groups who advocate for the censorship of television shows. After her son Kyle sneaks into a Canadian R-rated movie and learns dirty words, Sheila Broflovski aims higher than the the movie's creators, declaring war on the entire country they come from, to disastrous results for Canada and the US.
'What, What (In the Butt)'
'Canada on Strike'
Another hair-brained and foul-mouthed musical attempt at making money for the boys, as they successfully go viral with a video of their favorite whipping boy, Butters, singing Samwell's real-life internet smash of the same name. They get millions of viewers, but soon find out what previous Internet sensations already learned; people watching a video for free doesn't generate much money.
South Park Butters
Courtesy of Comedy Central
'Up There'
'Bigger, Longer and Uncut'
There are tons of great songs from the film 'Bigger, Longer and Uncut,' such as 'It's Easy MMMkay' and 'Mountain Town,' that could easily be on any list of best 'South Park' songs, but let's give the devil his due, literally. Satan himself turns in a soaring, impassioned performance on this ballad, as he longs for a happier life.
'Poker Face'
'Whale W---es'
Picking the best of Cartman's many performances of classic popular songs is nearly impossible; how do you ignore 'O Holy Night,' 'Heat of the Momentt' or 'In the Ghetto?' We're going with a fairly recent, 'Rock Band' rendition of Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face,' because his snarling voice just sounds so perfect during the "Pa-pa-pa-pa poker face" chorus.
South Park Whale Whores
Courtesy of Comedy Central
'Uncle F---a'
'Bigger, Longer and Uncut'
One of the best 'South Park' songs ever isn't even sung by the boys, but it sure does lead them into a lot of trouble during 'Bigger, Longer and Uncut.' After witnessing their fart-obsessed heroes Terence and Phillip perform this obscenity-filled and ridiculously catchy song during their first big-screen movie, the boys bring the language to school, and a culture war erupts.
'Come Sail Away'
'Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty S--t'
Eric Cartman has a lot of quirks and hang-ups. One of the funniest is his inability to hear any part of Styx's classic 1977 power ballad 'Come Sail Away' without being compelled to sing the song all the way to the end. Naturally, Stan and Kyle use this weakness to their advantage when they need to stall Cartman from whatever evil he's plotting.
South Park Cartman
Courtesy of Comedy Central
'Wendy's Song'
'Things You Can Do With Your Finger'
Stan's girlfriend Wendy Testaburger is a high-achieving student activist and generally a sweet, innocent girl. But when the chance to audition for the fifth spot in Cartman's boy band Fingerbang comes around, she shows she can both sing and shock at least as well as the boys, even if her performance is riddled with unfinished sentences.
South Park Wendy
Courtesy of Comedy Central
'Chocolate Salty Balls'
'Chef Aid'
R&B legend Isaac Hayes turned heads when he joined the cast of the then-fledgling 'South Park' as the boys' elementary school Chef and, of course, number one ladies' man. In the episode 'Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls,' he invents a confectionery treat with an ever-so-slightly perverse name that sends the town, particularly the women, running to his kitchen.
'Kyle's Mom's a B----'
'Bigger, Longer and Uncut'
In our humble opinion, this song earns the title as the best 'South Park' song of all time by virtue of several factors. It's unbelievably hummable, there's barely a line from it you can actually sing in mixed company, and it shows what a truly talented songwriter (and Broadway lover) Trey Parker actually is, especially in the big, drawn-out finale.
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