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'Saw 3D' Soundtrack -- 2010 New Album Preview

This Halloween, fans of the 'Saw' movie franchise will be able to see a brand new installation of the celebrated horror film series, with the release of 'Saw 3D: The Final Chapter.' And, as with every other 'Saw' movie, they'll be able to listen to an thrilling new soundtrack.

Although 'Saw 3D' won't hit theaters until Oct. 29, the official soundtrack for the seventh 'Saw' installment will hit stores a few days earlier, on Oct. 26. The upcoming soundtrack will feature exclusive and new music from alt-rock Saving Abel, Saliva, and Japanese rock outfit Dir En Grey, as well as tracks from Krokus, Hinder, My Darkest Day, Australia's rock monsters Karnivool and Chester Bennington's side project Dead By Sunrise.

As with every 'Saw' soundtrack before it, the music from 'Saw 3D' was chosen to enhance the film's spellbinding special effects, and to keep fans sitting even closer to the edges of their seats. Because the final 'Saw' movie was shot in 3D for the first time ever, the accompanying music had to be even more emotionally powerful, and even more grippingly suspenseful. And, according to sources who have worked on the project, the latest soundtrack doesn't disappoint.

"The artist line-up and music for the 'Saw 3D' soundtrack is mind-blowing," says Jonathan Platt, of Artists' Addiction Soundtracks, which co-produced the album in collaboration with SonyMusic Independent Network. "And after producing 6 'Saw' soundtracks this is the one that most clearly defines the mood and passion of the unbelievable 'Saw' franchise."

Check out the full tracklisting for the 'Saw 3D' soundtrack below.

'Saw 3D' Soundtrack Listing:

1. Saving Abel, 'Never'
2. Dead By Sunrise (Chester Bennington), 'Condemned'
3. Hinder, 'Waking Up the Devil'
4. Karnivool, 'Goliath'
5. Nitzer Ebb, 'Promises'
6. Kopek, 'Love Is Dead'
7. Saliva, 'Badass'
8. My Darkest Day, 'The World Belongs to Me'
9. Default, 'Turn It On'
10. I-Exist, 'Firefly'
11. Boom Boom Satellites, 'What Goes Around Comes Around'
12. Adelitas Way, 'Scream'
13. Krokus, 'Hoodoo Woman'
14. Lordi, 'This Is Heavy Metal'
15. Wagdug Futuristic Unity, 'Ram the Crush'
16. Dir En Grey, 'Hageshisa to, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita Shakunetsu no Yami'

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