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Underoath, 'Illuminator' -- New Song

Underoath have revealed 'Illuminator,' the first released song from their next album, 'Ø (Disambiguation),' in stores Nov. 9.

'Illuminator' is no less vicious and frenzied than any of their other songs, but also reveals a record carefully crafted, yet not overly produced.

"We all think it's our best record by far," frontman Spencer Chamberlain boasts of the new album. "I'd say to fans that you may have heard Underoath, but you've never heard Underoath like this. We can't wait for people to hear it. There isn't a single part on this record that we would change."

'Ø (Disambiguation),' follows 2008's 'Lost in the Sound of Separation' album, and is the first effort without original member Aaron Gillespie. New drummer Daniel Davison (Norma Jean) is credited to the album's driving, dark yet melodic sound, which was produced by Matt Goldman and Jeremy SH Griffith.

"For me, ['Ø (Disambiguation)] has a classic Deftones feel," Chamberlain adds. "It's still dark and heavy, but there's a melody driving it. Big choruses, guitars, quirky keyboard touches. I love it."

Head over to AOL Radio's Metal Mosh Pit station to hear 'Illuminator.'

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