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Halloween Music Top 100 -- Part Two of Five

'L'alba dei Morti Viventi'
The Italian rockers' song scares you, even as it lumbers along at a zombie's pace.
Goblin Zombi Dawn Of The Dead 20th Anniversary Special Edition
'Weird Science'
Noted composer Danny Elfman, who you'll see a lot on this list, was also in this quirky band.
Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party
A great, but unfortunately overplayed song. Now, even the slowest of zombies run away when they hear it.
The Cranberries No Need To Argue
Ozzy? Hellraiser? Nah. Let's be honest: We've all peed on the Alamo or bitten a bat's head off.
Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears
'Casper, the Friendly Ghost'
Mike Stewart
A mean ghost, we can relate to, but a friendly ghost? What's he up to? Isn't that more scary?
Casper The Friendly Ghost Original Cartoon Cast Album
'Enter Sandman'
If James Hetfield really did sing to his kids like that at night, they'd never get out of therapy.
Metallica The Black Album
'The Headless Horseman'
Bing's such a smooth talker that he can even cast the Headless Horseman as a likable guy.
Disney The Adventures of Ichabod and Mister Toad
'Candy Man'
Matt Fink
Why is it that he only appears if you say his name into a mirror five times? I mean why not three? Seems more efficient ...
Horror movie madness
These musical Big Band historians blend pre-rock genres while warning of karma's long arm.
Squirrel Nut Zippers Hot
'Rite of Twilight (Twilight Zone Theme)'
Founder Chip Davis fuses classical music with electric bass and keyboards -- an idea so perverse and bizarre it could have only come from ...
Mannheim Steamroller Halloween
Rob's gotta be a wrestling fan, cause he just stole "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's catchphrase.
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe 2
'Diabolo's Theme'
Ghastly Ones
Rob Zombie's retro-minded pals prove rock was scary even before distortion came along.
Ghastly Ones A-Haunting We Will Go-Go
'Season of the Witch'
This was the scariest Donovan song ever, until 'Hurdy Gurdy Man' showed up in 'Zodiac.'
Donovan Sunshine Superman
'Buffy the Vampire (Theme)'
Catchy tune, great show, but these guys are doomed to walk under a cursed moon ever since they messed with noted good guy Sammy Hagar.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer The Album
'Jack's Lament'
The Pumpkin King's tired of his own holiday; those year-round Christmas store clerks can probably relate!
A Nightmare Before Christmas Special Edition
'Fear of the Dark'
These guys are so bada-- they have a murderous, time-traveling, immortal zombie as their mascot.
Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark
'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)'
Manson takes on the Eurythmics' New Wave hit and turns it into a hard-rocking, mentally disturbing track.
Marilyn Manson Smells Like Children
'The Munsters Theme'
Four luchador mask-wearing retro-instrumental stars scare up their version of the classic TV theme.
Los Straitjackets In Concert
'The Boogie Man Is Coming'
As classes end on Halloween Day, seemingly innocent schoolyard chants foreshadow true evil.
Music from the Halloween Movie
'Bad Moon Rising'
We trust John Fogerty implicitly, so we believe his lunar warnings, but this song makes it all sound like too much fun. How can we not go outside?
Creedence Clearwater Revival Green River

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