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Halloween Music Top 100

Halloween music, like any good spirit from the netherworld, can appear in many shapes and styles. It might turn up in lyrics designed to terrorize and traumatize, or make itself known through creepy instrumental means such as theremins, church organs and spooky sound effects. Most of all, it may celebrate or demonize the things that go bump in the night, breaking you out of your so-called safe, even-keeled life. Here's the Top 100 in Halloween Music, as rated by listeners on AOL Radio's Halloween station.
The Misfits kick off our Halloween music countdown with a punk roar from the netherworld.
The Misfits Collection II
This one starts out sweetly, giving candy to trick-or-treaters. But then out comes the chainsaw! For more from the comedy singer, check him out on our 10 Funniest Songs list.
Stephen Lynch The Craig Machine
'Pet Sematary'
A literal, yet comical explanation of the plot from the 1989 film about reanimated pets.
The Ramones Brain Drain
'Halloween 1963'
Perhaps not as famous as the main theme from the 1978 classic but just as spooky.
Music from the Halloween Movie
He's got pins sticking out of his head -- what's his theme song gonna be, 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'?
Hellraiser Original Music Soundtrack
The abrupt, disconnected staccato style used on the keyboards here appears in many other popular horror themes.
Girls Under Glass Nightmares
'Hall of the Mountain King'
The long-reigning kings of Christmas-themed classical songs take a stab at Halloween music.
Mannheim Steamroller Halloween Music
'Dark Lady'
Who could love Halloween more than costume-crazy Cher? Wear what you want, babe!
Cher Dark Lady
These guys were born to make Halloween music. Naturally, this comes from a long concept album.
Helloween Keeper Of The Seven Keys
'Living Dead Girl'
He named himself "Zombie." Of course he's going to date the undead any chance he gets.
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe
'Haunted House'
The bawdy "mistress of the dark" takes a break from hosting movies to sing a scary song for us.
Elvira's Gravest Hits
'Over at the Frankenstein Place'
Her role in this camp classic proves this five-time Oscar nominee always had a lighter side.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
'Everyday Is Halloween'
Before they went all industrial, Ministry sang about things that go bump in the night, club-style.
Ministry Every Day Is Halloween: Greatest Tricks
These Italian metalheads create a haunting prog-rock tribute to horror director Dario Argento.
Daemonia Dario Argento Music Tribute
'It Must Be Halloween'
The writer of 'Lonely Boy' and the 'Golden Girls' theme tries his hand at Halloween music.
Andrew Gold's Halloween Howls
'Friday the 13th: The Series' Intro
Fred Molin
It was weird to have a TV show with this name and no Jason, but the song's still creepy as hell.
Friday the 13th: The Series - Music From The Original Television Scores
'This Is Halloween'
Manson lends his distinctive, warped style to this classic from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.'
Nightmare Revisited
'Mars Attacks!'
Warner Bros. Orchestra
Theremins, aliens from trading cards and a full orchestra combine for outer-space based terror!
Music From The Motion Picture Mars Attacks!
'Walk Like a Zombie'
The Danish punks take on the undead, and possibly the Bangles, in their unique rockabilly style.
HorrorPops Walk Like A Zombie
'Halloween (She Get So Mean)'
Rob Zombie/The Ghastly Ones
Zombie gathers friends -- human and otherwise -- for a compilation of demented Halloween music.
Halloween Hootenanny

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