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Fantasia, 'I'm Doin' Me' -- New Song

In her new song, 'I'm Doin' Me,' Fantasia decides to give herself some much-needed breathing room by ending a hopeless relationship.

Produced by Chuck Harmony, the latest single documents the singer's painful, yet necessary decision to finally cut the cord with her loved one, and move on to bigger and better things. The former 'American Idol' establishes the new song's message from the very beginning, with a spoken-word introduction in which she explains, "You know, sometimes you have to put yourself first."

With a penetrating piano and drum beat backing her up, Fantasia proceeds to passionately describe the moment she finally opens her eyes, and realizes that she can no longer waste her time -- nor her tears -- on a futile relationship. "If he can't love me equally," the singer declares, "then he don't need to be with me."

'I'm Doin' Me' is the second single off of Fantasia's August-released album, 'Back to Me.' To listen to 'I'm Doin' Me,' tune in to the New R&B First station on AOL Radio.

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