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'Red' Movie Trailer -- What's the Song?

The graying, but still dangerous heroes of the upcoming action film 'Red' find the perfect musical partners in Aerosmith, whose 'Back in the Saddle,' from their 1976 album 'Rocks,' is featured in the movie's trailer.

As a misfit band of ex-CIA operatives are forced out of retirement by a threat to their lives, the song's slow-building drums and dramatically droning opening guitar riffs set the tone for singer Steven Tyler's: "I'm back / I'm back in the saddle again / Ridin' high" declaration.

Aerosmith has been one of the most popular American rock and roll bands of the last 40 years, but it seems Tyler's recent decision to join the cast of TV's 'American Idol' has ticked off some of his bandmates and thrown the future of the group into doubt.

We're guessing and hoping they're all gonna work it out, especially when they see how boring retirement looks at the start of the following trailer for 'Red,' which opens nationwide on Oct. 15.

Whatever their future, you'll always be able to hear 'Back in the Saddle' or other great Aerosmith songs on AOL Radio's Classic Rock station. Be sure to check out the 'Red' trailer below:

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