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Kesha, 'We R Who We R' -- New Song

Courtesy of RCA

Glitter-infused Kesha sings on the anthemic 'WE R Who We R,' a new song she penned for her upcoming album 'Cannibal,' to be released Nov. 22, just 10 months after her debut effort 'Animal.'

According to Entertainment Weekly, Kesha wrote the tune in reaction to the recent, gay youth suicides due to bullying. "I wanted to inspire people to be themselves," she adds about the pride-fueled record, "It's a celebration of any sort of quirks or eccentricities."

The upcoming album, 'Cannibal' will feature nine brand new tracks, including a remix of ' her first album's title track, 'Animal,' 'Cannibal' will also get Lady Gaga 'The Fame Monster' deluxe treatment, as it will be repackaged with 'Animal.' Of course for those of you who already have her first effort, you can by the nine-track 'Cannibal' individually too.

To hear 'We R Who We R,' be sure to tune in to AOL Radio's Fresh 40 station.

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