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Kris Allen, 'Alright With Me' -- New Song

'Alright With Me' is Kris Allen's third single off his debut self-titled album, released in November of last year.

As effervescent, guitar-strumming melodies and rock-pop percussion drive the song, Allen stays hopeful that his love for a girl will soon be reciprocated: "I say we put our best foot forward / Will you believe, come next to me / Oh, why can't you see, I'm begging you, please / But it's alright, alright with me."

The former 'American Idol' winner posted news of the third single over twitter, adding: "Thanks to everyone that has already believed in this song. This fall is gonna be a lot of fun."

To hear Kris Allen on 'Alright With Me,' head over to AOL Radio's Pop Idols station.

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