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Kenny Chesney, 'Somewhere With You' -- New Song

Kenny Chesney encapsulates the struggle of transitioning into a new relationship on 'Somewhere With You,' a new song from his September released and No. 1 selling album, 'Hemingway's Whiskey.'

Co-penned by J.T. Harding and Shane McAnally, the percussion-laden, electric guitar ballad has Chesney singing about being in limbo -- trying to rid the nostaglic moments from a previous love while moving into a new relationship:

"If you see me out on the town / And it looks like I'm burning it down / You won't ask and I won't say / But in my heart I'm always somewhere with you."

"This song killed me when I heard it," Chesney told Billboard. "You're not necessarily in another relationship, but you're with somebody else, just starting something with somebody else. Trying to balance both those worlds [old relationship and new] is tough. I've done it a lot, where you're with somebody and you're thinking this isn't necessarily bad, but wow, man it would be really great to be with you. That can be a lot of mental baggage."

'Somewhere With You' follows the album's debut single, 'The Boys of Fall.' Check our AOL Radio's roundup of the top Kenny Chesney songs, and head over New Country First station to hear the new track.

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