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NFL Play 60 'Bus' Commercial -- What's the Song?

A bus full of NFL players, coaches and young fans get amped up for an afternoon of outdoor exercise with the help of 'The Power Is On' by The Go! Team in the recent commercial for the league's "Play 60" campaign.

The song comes from the Brighton, England band's 2004 debut album 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike.'

Clattering, overlapping, vaguely Middle Eastern percussion combines with sharp piano accents to get everybody's head bobbing as they head for the playground in the ad. The track's irrepressible cheerleader chants further strengthen the sports theme:

"Watch who's coming at you / Why? / Who's got the power? / Watch who's coming at you if you might allow her / Watch who's comign at you / Why? / Who's coming through? One a bit right then we got two / Watch who's comin at you but don't fuss."

'Thunder, Lightning, Strike' was created almost entirely by band founder Ian Parton in his parents' house, but the band's rousing live shows are performed by a six piece lineup. The group's third album, 'Rolling Blackouts,' comes out on Jan. 31.

You can watch the NFL "Play 60" commercial featuring 'The Power Is On' by The Go! Team below.

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