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Nicki Minaj, 'Roman's Revenge' Feat. Eminem -- New Song

Nicki Minaj and Eminem, two rappers who are rarely at a loss for angry words, team up and get all medieval on someone with the new song 'Roman's Revenge.'

The track's release follows three official singles from Minaj's highly anticipated solo debut 'Pink Friday:' 'Your Love,' 'Check it Out,' and 'Right Through Me.'

Opening up with a series of digital effects that sound like you just fired up some old video game, 'Roman's Revenge' quickly segues into a hiccuping series of computerized samples pushed forward by sporadic, tinny electronic drums.

Musically and lyrically the song is unrelenting, with only occasional baths of warm keyboards brightening the proceedings up as Slim Shady and Minaj get rough - "like a dungeon dragon" - on their unnamed competition:

"Word that b---- mad 'cause I took the spot? / Well b--- if you ain't sh---in' then get off the pot / Got some N----- out in Brooklyn that'll off your top / I hear them mumblin' / I hear the cacklin' / I got 'em scared shook panicking."

'Pink Friday' will be made available, despite its name, on Monday, Nov. 22. Minaj will play a special show in New York City on Thanksgiving to celebrate the release.

You can listen to 'Roman's Revenge' from Nicki Minaj and Eminem on AOL Radio's New Hip-Hop First station.

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