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Michael Jackson, 'Michael' -- 2010 New Album Preview

Fans of Michael Jackson will no doubt be excited to hear that Dec. 14 has been chosen as the release date for 'Michael,' the first full-length collection of unreleased songs from the 'King of Pop' since his untimely passing last year.

It is well-known that Jackson recorded many more songs than he used for classic albums such as 'Thriller' and 'Off the Wall,' and that he kept himself busy working on new material right up to his death.

Hundreds of completed or nearly finished songs are rumored to be awaiting release from Jackson's family; it seems logical to assume that the cream of the crop will be featured on this initial compilation.

You can expect your first taste of new Michael Jackson music next week, when the first full track from the record, the appropriately titled 'Breaking News,' initially recorded in 2007 in New Jersey, is released via the Web.

A peak at the highly ornate cover art, which features a painted collage of Michael in the various poses, outfits (and noses) from his many groundbreaking videos, further leads us to believe this album will feature music from different eras of his solo career.

Be sure to check AOL Radio to hear 'Breaking News' and get more details about 'Michael' as they become available.

In the meantime, you can enjoy songs from all phases of Jackson's legendary career by moonwalking on over to AOL Radio's All Michael Jackson station.

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