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Ubisoft 'Shaun White Skateboarding' Commercial -- What's the Song?

Charm City Devils help convince a world-famous extreme sports champion to take even greater risks with their song 'Let's Rock-n-Roll (Endless Road)' in the new commercial for Ubisoft's 'Shaun White Skateboarding' video game. The track appears on the Baltimore, Md. band's 2009 debut album, 'Let's Rock-n-Roll.'

At the start of the commercial, White is precariously poised on the edge of a tall building. Rather than encouraging him to step away, the crowd on the street below convinces him to skate down.

He does, and soon after, 'Let's Rock-n-Roll''s sleazy hard rock guitar attack kicks in. The setting then switches to the virtual world of the game, where players are apparently able to morph their surroundings to make them more skate-friendly.

Lead singer, songwriter and band founder John Allen explains his band's credo very simply as both song and skateboarder roll on:

"So let's roll / Save my soul / So let's rock-'n'-roll / I'm just an endless road / I guess I sold my soul / I gave I everything I had to rock-'n'-roll."

Charm City Devils are the first band singed to Eleven Seven, the new label started by Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx, who, by some miracle, managed to get the band a spot on 2009's 'Crue Fest 2' tour. Watch the 'Shaun White Skateboarding' commercial featuring 'Let's Rock-n-Roll (Endless Road) by Charm City Devils below.

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