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10 Best Nelly Songs

Nelly began his stellar career in 2000, when his debut album 'Country Grammar' hit the scene. The record revealed the St. Louis rapper's laid-back style, and produced a handful of memorable hit singles. Just one year later, Nelly found himself on center stage, performing with Aerosmith and *N Sync in front of millions at the Super Bowl halftime show. Many of Nelly's hits are collaborations with other artists, including the likes of Tim McGraw and Kelly Rowland. Find out which singles made the biggest impressions in our full-spectrum 10 Best Nelly Songs list.
"Two is not a winner and three nobody remembers," Nelly asserts on the 2001 single from the 'Training Day' soundtrack. Declaring himself the '#1' player in the game, Nelly brags about how other rappers became jealous of his success and started copying his style. The track also appears on his 2002 release 'Nellyville.'
'Country Grammar'
Nelly introduced both himself and the St. Louis rap sound to the world with the unique title track from his 2000 debut 'Country Grammar.' Written by Nelly with producer Jason Epperon, the single mixes the rapper's Midwestern drawl with a nursery rhyme hook, a winning combination that helped the song reach the Top 10. 'Country Grammar' also earned Nelly a performance slot at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.
'Grillz' Feat. Paul Wall and Ali & Gipp
One of four new songs on 'Sweatsuit' -- a compilation that features tracks from Nelly's 2004 albums 'Sweat' and 'Suit' -- 'Grillz' is literally an ode to the dental jewelry popularized by Paul Wall, who joins Nelly on the song. Thirteen different performers earn songwriting credit on 'Grillz,' thanks to its sample of 'Soldier,' a song written and performed by Destiny's Child, T.I. and Lil Wayne.
Nelly Grillz
'Over and Over' Feat. Tim McGraw
At first, Nelly's 2004 team-up with country music superstar Tim McGraw seemed to be an odd match, but the pair meshes together perfectly on 'Over and Over.' At times, it's even difficult to tell which one is singing as they alternate lines on the chorus. Taken from Nelly's R&B-themed album 'Suit,' the ballad about a failed relationship reached No. 1 on the Billboard Pop 100.
'Ride Wit Me' Feat. City Spud
Nelly shows the versatility of his sound on the third 'Country Grammar' single 'Ride Wit Me,' which bucks hip-hop convention by featuring an acoustic guitar riff throughout. The song features a verse by City Spud, a member of Nelly's posse the St. Lunatics. 'Ride Wit Me' has since been featured on various TV shows, including 'Scrubs' and 'Glee.'
'Shake Ya Tailfeather' Feat. P. Diddy & Murphy Lee
When Bad Boy Records founder P. Diddy heard a soundtrack was in the works for the 2003 film 'Bad Boys II,' he naturally thought his label would be the perfect home for it. Diddy executive produced the disc, which featured his collaboration with Nelly and Murphy Lee, who gets in the most memorable line: "I got so many keys you think I'm valet parking."
'Hot in Herre'
Nelly had one of the biggest radio and club hits of 2002 with 'Hot in Herre,' which makes the unforgettable request, "It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes." The Neptunes-produced single helped 'Nellyville' sell more than six million copies. The song was Nelly's first No. 1 single in the U.S. and reached the Top 10 throughout Europe.
'Just a Dream'
The first single from his 2010 release '5.0,' offers a sensitive lyric in which Nelly laments the loss of "My lover, my life, my shorty, my wife." He acknowledges, "Didn't give her all my love / I guess now I got my payback." 'Just a Dream' reached No. 3, becoming Nelly's biggest hit in five years.
"I'm a sucker for cornrows and manicured toes / Fendi capri pants and Parasucos," Nelly sings on 'E.I.,' a mid-tempo single with a brilliantly nonsensical sing-song chorus and wide-ranging lyrics that reference Jeff Gordon, Al B. Sure and Busta Rhymes. The 2000 single reached the Top 20 on both the Pop and R&B charts.
'Dilemma' Feat. Kelly Rowland
Nelly's eleventh-hour decision to include one more track on 'Nellyville' resulted in the biggest hit of his career. 'Dilemma' spent 10 weeks at No. 1 after enthusiastic radio programmers forced the single's release. The duet with Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child earned a 2003 Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and the top spot on our list of the 10 Best Nelly Songs.

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